Toyota Fortuner Type2 With A Lexus Kit Feels Imposing [Video]

toyota fortuner type2 with lexus kit

The Toyota Fortuner was launched in the Indian market in 2009. Since then the car has seen multiple facelifts and one generation change. The Type two Toyota Fortuner was one of the most famous version of this SUV which was sold from 2012 to 2016. As Toyota is known for its reliability, years old cars are still running on the road without any issues.

Today, we will cover a restoration job of a type two Fortuner showcased in a YouTube video uploaded by Autorounders. Additionally, the car has been painted in a unique shade along with Lexus body kit and customized interiors.

The video starts with the before look of the car which is a dark colored type two Fortuner. The signs of ageing are evident on the SUV as the paint is faded and multiple scratches can be seen. The host mentions that this car will be repainted to a color called Donington Grey.

Talking about the changes, he adds that the car will be fitted with a Lexus kit and customized interiors in addition to the repaint. The Lexus body kit includes front bumper, grille, taillights, rear bumper and diffuser. The Lexus inspired body kit has added a whole new vibe to the vehicle and this kit is a perfect mix of luxury and sportiness.

Toyota Fortuner Type2 With A Lexus Kit Feels Imposing [Video]

The video shows us the entire process of customization which includes repainting, fitting of body kit and the interior customization. The host adds that Donington Grey is one of his favourite paint colors.

Now, let’s talk about the finished look of the car. As the entire car is repainted, it looks completely brand new. The entire SUV has seen uplift due to the body kit. Changes in the exterior include repainting, taillights, front & rear bumpers, grille and glossy black alloy wheels.

After showing the exterior, the host takes us on a tour of the cabin. For reference, the Toyota Fortuner comes with a beige and black cabin. The interior theme chosen for this car is black with grey which matches the exterior. This gives the car a much more premium look.

The seat covers are made from black leatherette along with grey suede which feels luxurious. Additionally, an aftermarket crystal gear knob is installed which is inspired by BMW.

Other changes in the interior include touch screen infotainment system, ambient lighting, grey suede wrapped door pads, 7D mats, carbon fiber steering wheel and much more. To complete the look, the roof liner is also finished in black.

The video shows us the feedback of the customer who is quite satisfied with the work done by the team at Autorounders. He states that the car came out much better than he expected and it is absolutely beautiful. He was satisfied to such an extent that he mentions that he will get his next car modified from Autorounders only.