Toyota Chairman Says Sorry! This Is Why

Toyota Chairman apologizes

We have come across several scandals from the automobile industry in the past. Recently, there were reports of Japanese car manufacturers like Toyota, Mazda, and Honda getting involved in a scandal where they had cheated extensively on safety certification tests of some of their models. Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda issued a formal apology in this matter recently.

Toyota Chairman Says Sorry! This Is Why
Toyota Chairman apologizes

It was found that a total of seven models from the manufacturer were tested in this manner. The automaker based out of Toyota City, Japan, announced that they have suspended production of three of the models: Corolla Fielder, Corolla Axio, and Yaris Cross.

According to the reports surfacing online, the inspection unveiled a range of issues, including the use of inadequate or outdated data in collision tests, incorrect testing procedures for airbag inflation and rear-seat damage in crashes, and falsification of emissions tests.

These irregularities were also found in models that were no longer produced by the manufacturer. Toyota assured the public that the quality and safety of the vehicles already on the road, including Corolla and Lexus models, remain unaffected.

Toyota Chairman Says Sorry! This Is Why
Toyota Axio

In a press conference held in Tokyo, Toyota’s chairman bowed and expressed his sincere regrets for the company’s actions. The Japanese government had initiated an investigation against Toyota in January, and it was this investigation that revealed the issues. The issues only affect the models sold in Japan, and the models sold abroad are not affected.

Similar irregularities were reported at Toyota’s rival Mazda Motor Corp. The manufacturer has halted the production of two of their models. The company suspended the production of the Mazda Roadster and Mazda 2, citing the use of incorrect engine control software in the tests. Besides these two, car manufacturers like Suzuki, Daihatsu, Honda, and Hino are also involved in this scam. These automakers allegedly submitted incorrect or manipulated test data to the authorities when they were sent for certification.

Akio Toyoda, the grandson of Toyota’s founder, attributed the irregularities that have come to the notice of the authorities to a rush to complete tests amid a proliferation of model varieties. He suggested that some certification rules might be excessively stringent, although he reiterated that the company did not condone the violations.

Toyota Chairman Says Sorry! This Is Why
Corolla Fielder

Toyota is considered a car manufacturer known for not compromising on the quality aspects of a vehicle. Such news about testing irregularities has definitely put Toyota in a tough spot. We appreciate the fact that the chairman himself came forward and apologized.

Toyota is known for its production techniques and corporate culture focused on quality and innovation. Toyota is expected to rectify these issues and continue to produce more models in the future.

Shinji Miyamoto, a Toyota executive overseeing customer satisfaction, said that Toyota had initiated the investigation themselves when they saw similar problems arising in group companies like Hino Motors and Daihatsu Motor Co.

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