New Maruti Brezza Modified To Stand Out On The Road [Video]

maruti brezza modified inside out

The Maruti Suzuki Brezza is a sub compact SUV which has become quite popular in the Indian market. Today, we will cover a Brezza which has been modified to look unique and standout from the crowd. The modified version of the car is made and showcased on YouTube by Car Stylein.

The host starts with the front fascia of the SUV which looks quite different. First, the black body cladding has been painted in white to match the body color and this change is done all around the car.

The regular grille has been replaced with a glossy black mesh grille. Additionally, this grille features orange hummer lights. The host also shows us the stock grille of Brezza for comparison. The front and rear silver skid plates are painted to gloss black which complements the overall theme.

Furthermore, a glossy black strip goes all around the SUV to add to the sporty look. The exterior of the car is finished in dual tone with white body color and gloss black roof and ORVMs. Functional mods include halogen to LED upgrade for headlamps and fog lamps. The SUV is fitted with genuine Maruti alloys which are offered in Brezza.

New Maruti Brezza Modified To Stand Out On The Road [Video]

The host adds that all the glossy black elements such as roof, ORVMs and spoiler are wrapped in black PPF which provides a better finish and scratch resistance than wrap.

Now, let’s talk about the cabin of the car which follows the theme of ice gray and black as the exterior. The seat covers, door pads, armrest, pillars and the steering wheel are finished in ice gray while the center console, some elements on the door and some part of the dashboard are finished in black.

A major highlight of this project is the Rolls Royce inspired star lighting which is added in the stock roof liner. Talking about it, the host mentions that this light is multicolor and it can be controlled via a mobile app. The color of the roof liner of the SUV is stock which is the only odd bit in the cabin.

A beautiful marble texture dashboard has been added which gives the cabin an ultimate luxury look. The marble element is surrounded by gloss black strip which gives it an amazing contrast. The host especially highlights the steering wheel which has been leather wrapped in ice gray along with the horn pad.

Furthermore, the black elements of the steering wheel are finished in glossy black to add a more premium touch. While this color combination may look very appealing, maintain both ice gray and gloss black can be quite a headache. Having light color in interior means that the regular maintenance costs will go up. The door pads are leather wrapped in ice gray. Further additions in the cabin include ambient lighting and glossy black interior styling kit.