5-Star Volkswagen Taigun Crashes Into 4-star Tata Tiago: Here’s A Result [Video]

4 Star Tata Tiago Vs 5 Star Vokswagen Taigun Car Crash Feature4 Star Tata Tiago Vs 5 Star Vokswagen Taigun Car Crash Feature

Accidents happen on our roads almost every day. Hundreds of accidents are reported and many more go unnoticed. Some of these accidents even claim lives. At times we come across some bizarre accidents which make us think about what exactly happened. Here we have one such crash where a Volkswagen Taigun SUV crashed into a Tata Tiago that was parked on the roadside. The Taigun not only crashed into the Tiago but also turned upside down.

The accident was reported from Gujarat’s Surat. The video seen here has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. According to the video, the accident happened when a Volkswagen Taigun SUV rear-ended a Tata Tiago that was parked on the side of the road. In the video, we see the Taigun resting on its roof next to the Tiago.

People who were present at the spot actually claimed that the Taigun was being driven at a high speed. The SUV crashed into the rear right side of the hatchback, which caused it to overturn on the road. None of the occupants and drivers in the Taigun or Tiago were injured in this crash.

Why Did the Taigun Overturn?

If you have been paying attention to science classes at school, you have the answer. One of the first reasons is that it is an SUV. SUVs are taller compared to hatchbacks and have a higher center of gravity. If you drive a tall vehicle and try to turn without slowing down, it is quite easy to lose control.

Something similar happened here. The tall SUV crashed into the rear right corner of the Tiago. The handbrake of the Tiago was probably pulled up, meaning the hatchback was not going anywhere. The recklessly driven Taigun rear-ended it, and all the momentum forced the car to lose balance and topple or overturn.

5-Star Volkswagen Taigun Crashes Into 4-star Tata Tiago: Here’s A Result [Video]
Taigun crashed into Tiago

For these reasons, we do not recommend people driving SUVs to get too excited and drive fast around corners. The chances of flipping your SUV are higher compared to a car like the Tiago hatchback or a sedan. Both hatchbacks and sedans have a lower center of gravity, which helps them. However, this doesn’t mean the hatchback won’t turn upside down. Only the probability has decreased.

Build Quality

Both the Tata Tiago and Taigun involved in this accident are well-built or sturdy vehicles. Tata’s entry-level product Tiago has performed pretty well in crash tests. It has scored a 4-star rating at Global NCAP. Similarly, the Taigun is also a very sturdy SUV. It has scored a 5-star rating at the Global NCAP crash test. Volkswagen Taigun scored 29.64 points out of 34 for adult safety protection and 42 points out of 49 for child safety.

According to Global NCAP, the Taigun offered adequate protection to the neck and chest of the driver and co-driver. The footwell area was also stable. In this crash, the occupants were extremely lucky to have escaped without any major injuries. As mentioned above, the SUV was being driven at a high speed, and thankfully, the car didn’t hit any pedestrians.

This is not the first time a Tata and Volkswagen car have crashed into each other. Last year, we came across a video where a Tata Altroz and Volkswagen Taigun crashed into each other. Both cars took the impact well, and the passengers of both vehicles came out without a scratch.

Drive Carefully

Indian roads are filled with challenges. If you are a person who drives on Indian roads, you would have noticed how many obstacles one has to face while driving through city roads or highways. If you are driving at night, most of our highways are not well-lit, which forces us to use high beams. This affects the vision of the driver coming from the opposite direction and can be a cause of accidents at times.

Similarly, there is always a chance that a biker or driver might come in front of your vehicle from the wrong side. If not that, there are stray cattle, dogs, and wild animals that often cause accidents. It is because of these reasons that we urge readers to maintain a safe speed and stay alert while driving through city roads or on highways.