Volvo V60 Buried In Landslide, Still Remains Driveable [Video]

volvo v60 driveable even after landslide

Volvo cars are known for being some of the safest in the world. We have come across several examples where Volvo cars involved in major accidents have kept the occupants and driver safe. In most cases, the cars are involved in accidents due to careless driving by the driver or another road user. However, here we have an interesting video where a Volvo V60 got trapped on a road and buried in a landslide. Surprisingly, even after being crushed, the car remains driveable, and there is a video that shows just that.

The video has been shared by Aurizn on their Facebook page. It starts with the feed from the reverse camera of a car parked in front of the Volvo V60 station wagon. The exact location of this accident is unknown, but it is somewhere outside India. The driver saw the falling rocks and was probably trying to escape the spot. However, he didn’t have enough time, and all the mud and rock from the hill fell over the car.

We see other vehicles that were on the path of the landslide. All the debris from the hill fell on top of the cars, trapping them. The next clip in this video shows the Volvo. Surprisingly, the rocks and mud had only fallen on the front side of the car. It is not clear if the rescue team had moved boulders and rocks from over and around the car to get a clear view of the vehicle.

The front portion of the car sustained the most damage. The car was probably pushed to the side railing on the road, damaging the rear bumper of the V60. Other than that, it looks pretty clean from the rear. Even the rear windscreen and wiper look intact. All the damage was done to the front.

Volvo V60 Buried In Landslide, Still Remains Driveable [Video]
Volvo V60 still driveable

We see that the suspension on the car collapsed or was damaged, causing the car to sit at the same level as the road. This is probably because of all the weight resting on top of the car. If it had been any other car in this situation, it would have been declared a total loss, and most parts, including the engine, would have been damaged.

However, in this case, things are different. We see that the roof, front windshield, bonnet, and bumper of the car are damaged. The front bumper, parts of the headlamp, and grille are, in fact, missing.

The V60 survived such a major landslide, and the best part is that it is still in working condition. We can see the car being driven outside the service center. It looks like the engine was not damaged in any manner. The car moves both forward and in reverse without any issues.

This video is a good example that once again proves the build quality of Volvo cars. Even in India, we have come across several Volvo car accidents where the driver survived the crash without any injuries.

A few years ago in Kerala, a truck rear-ended a Volvo S90. The vehicle was completely damaged in the crash and was declared a total loss. The driver survived the crash and walked out of the car without even a small scratch. The owner was so impressed that he later bought a new Volvo XC90.