Woman In Maruti Swift Gets Stuck In Overflowing Sewage [Video]

sewage woman stuck maruti swift faridabad

In the last week, we came across several videos of waterlogging and accidents due to heavy rains in Delhi and nearby regions. Many popular locations in Delhi faced waterlogging issues, and many people got stranded on the road as a result. We now have a video from Haryana’s Faridabad region where a Maruti Swift is floating in a pool created by overflowing sewage. A woman in the Swift hatchback is also seen stuck in the car.

The video was shared by an X profile user with the username Zee. In this video, we see a last-generation Maruti Swift floating in a pool of water. We then notice that the water is being pushed from a sewage drain next to the road. It is not clear whether the sewage overflowed due to unprecedented rain in the Delhi NCR region or for some other reason.

It is also not clear whether the woman drove the car into the waterlogged section or if it happened almost immediately. In this video, we see the woman trying to escape from the Maruti Swift hatchback. The car is actually floating in the water, and the woman is trying to escape from the co-passenger side window of the car.

It looks like the water had started leaking into the car’s cabin, and she was trying her best to get to a safer place. She places one foot on the manhole cover. As she is about to come out, the car starts floating away, putting her in a very tricky position. She can’t lift either of her legs up as that would make her lose balance and fall into the sewage water.

She can’t go back inside the car as it is floating away. Somehow the car comes back closer to the manhole, and the woman climbs out. She stands on the manhole cover and waits for a rope or some other item to help her climb up to the road. The woman was probably rescued by locals who helped her get out of the car.

Woman In Maruti Swift Gets Stuck In Overflowing Sewage [Video]
Woman escape Swift

We can hear someone in the video warning to be careful and not fall into the sewage water while trying to rescue the woman. The video is said to be from Faridabad’s Greenfield Colony.

This is not the first time we have come across a video like this online. In the last couple of days, there have been several pictures and videos from Delhi and nearby regions where people drove their cars into waterlogged roads and found themselves in trouble.

In most cases, people misjudge the water level and are overconfident about their vehicle. This often leads to accidents like these. The right thing to do if you come across a waterlogged section of the road is to stop and look for alternate routes. Never drive into the water-filled road as the chances of your vehicle getting stuck or damaged are high.

If your vehicle gets stalled, do not attempt to start the car as it would only make things worse. There is a high chance that water might enter the engine of the car through the air intake and cause the engine to hydro lock.

Repairing such a vehicle is always going to be an expensive affair. To avoid such costly mistakes, always be careful while driving on the road during the rainy season.