YouTuber Who Converted Tata Safari Into Mobile Swimming Pool: Driving License Revoked For Life

Sanju Techy's license cancelled

Remember the YouTuber from Kerala who posted a video of himself converting the cabin of his Tata Safari into a mobile swimming pool? The vlogger got into trouble for posting this video online as the Kerala MVD came across the video and took action against him. A new development in this case has occurred: the vlogger Sanju Techy’s driving license has been canceled by the Kerala MVD for life.

As per Manorama News, not only did the Kerala Motor Vehicles Department cancel the vlogger’s driving license for life, but they also suspended the license of Sanju’s friend, who was driving the SUV in the video, for a year. The registration of the Tata Safari SUV used for this swimming pool stunt has also been suspended for a year.

The Alappuzha Motor Vehicles Enforcement RTO had asked for an explanation from the vlogger. However, the vlogger couldn’t provide a satisfactory reply, which forced Enforcement RTO R. Ramanan to cancel Sanju’s driving license. After the video went viral and the MVD initiated action, Sanju made several videos and posted them on his page, in which he insulted the department. He also said in one of his videos that these developments have only increase his reach in social media. The MVD has requested YouTube to take down such content from the vlogger’s page as it does not convey a good message to viewers.

What did Sanju Techy do?

Last month, Sanju Techy, along with his friends, decided to beat the heat by converting his Tata Safari into a mobile swimming pool. The vlogger folded the rear seat of the SUV and laid a tarpaulin sheet in it. He tied the ends of the sheet to the headrests and other parts of the car to create a pool.

After this, the vlogger got inside the car and filled the interior with water. They filled the car’s cabin with water and then took the car for a drive. The car was being driven on a public road by his friend Surya Narayanan (who got his DL suspended for a year) while the vlogger and his friends were enjoying themselves in the back.

Not only did they drive the SUV on a public road, but due to the pressure from the water inside the cabin, the driver’s side airbag of the SUV also deployed in the middle of the road. All this was recorded on video and posted online.

It was not just the Kerala MVD that was after the vlogger. The Kerala High Court also came across the video and decided to take a case against him. The vlogger did come forward with the justification that many YouTubers have done such stunts in the past, but he failed to notice that most of these stunts were done on private properties, not public roads.

Public Roads Are Not for Stunts

YouTuber Who Converted Tata Safari Into Mobile Swimming Pool: Driving License Revoked For Life
Sanju Techy’s license cancelled

We have mentioned several times in our articles that public roads are for everyone and are not the place for stunts. Traffic police and MVDs of different states have taken appropriate action against vloggers and social media influencers who have been spotted doing such stunts. By performing this swimming pool stunt on a public road, Sanju and his friends were not only breaking the law but also putting their own lives and the lives of others at risk. Losing control of an overloaded vehicle (filled with water) is very easy.