YouTuber Who Faced Sunroof Leak Takes Another Mahindra Scorpio-N To Same Waterfall [Video]

mahindra scorpio-n vs waterfall test featured

Earlier this year, a video of a YouTuber went viral on the internet. In the video, the sunroof of his recently purchased Mahindra Scorpio N SUV started to leak under a waterfall. This incident occurred almost 10 months ago and gained significant attention, prompting Mahindra to drive a Scorpio N SUV to the same waterfall to test the vehicle and demonstrate that the sunroof was not leaking. Eventually, the issue with the leaking sunroof was resolved, and the YouTuber continued to use the vehicle. Ten months after the original incident, the YouTuber and his friends drove another Scorpio N to the same waterfall to check whether Mahindra had addressed the issue.

The video, shared by Arun Panwar on his YouTube channel, depicts Arun and his friends traveling in a recently purchased brand new Scorpio N, owned by one of Arun’s friends. The SUV, a top-end Z8 2WD version, accommodates four occupants and luggage.

Notably, it lacks the Sony speaker system available in the top-end Z8 L version. During their journey, they embarked on a small road trip to a hill station.

Coincidentally, they found themselves near the same waterfall where the sunroof of Arun’s Scorpio N had leaked previously. Arun took the SUV to the same spot to determine whether the sunroof of this particular SUV would leak or if it was solely a defect in his previous vehicle.

Upon reaching the location, the vlogger sought permission from the SUV owner to test the sunroof, which was granted. Proceeding with the test, the vlogger drove the SUV close to the waterfall and requested someone from the car to step out and record a video from outside.

Engaging reverse gear, the vlogger slowly maneuvered the car under the waterfall. As the water hit the roof of the SUV, within seconds, the vehicle was entirely beneath the waterfall, and water flowed onto the front windshield, covering the sunroof. Due to a slightly improperly closed rear passenger window, some water entered through the window.

YouTuber Who Faced Sunroof Leak Takes Another Mahindra Scorpio-N To Same Waterfall [Video]
Scorpio N under waterfall

However, apart from this, the sunroof remained intact without any leaks. Exiting the waterfall, the vlogger was impressed with the result. He informed the owner that Mahindra had made some modifications, including placing a cover on the roof-mounted speaker holes to enhance security. Additionally, the rubber beadings around the sunroof appeared leak-free.

To ensure the fix, the vlogger drove the car under the waterfall once more. This time, he noticed a couple of droplets leaking through the sunroof, though they didn’t fall inside the cabin. In a third attempt, a few more droplets entered the cabin from the rear side of the sunroof.

The only reason for the sunroof leakage in this case was the excessive water pressure on the roof, causing some droplets to enter the cabin. Nevertheless, the vlogger considered the overall performance satisfactory and deemed the sunroof test a success, confirming that Mahindra’s sunroof did not leak this time. Although some water did enter the cabin due to water pressure, it seemed unlikely to pose a problem on rainy days.