Lorry falls onto Hyundai Grand i10: Passengers miraculously escape [Video]

Road accidents are quite common in India. We have featured several reports where negligent driving has caused accidents on the road. There have been many accidents where occupants have miraculously escaped the accidents without any major injuries. Most of the time, we have seen people talking and praising the build quality of cars in such incidents.  Here we have a similar incident from Kerala where a lorry that lost control overturned on a car and all the passengers in the car miraculously escaped the accident. The CCTV visuals from the accident spot have surfaced online and have gone viral already.

The accident was reported from Kerala’s Kollam district. The lorry that caused the accident was carrying rocks. According to reports, the lorry was part of a convoy that was transporting rocks. At around 11:30 am at Meeyannoor in Kollam, the lorry driver swerved the lorry to avoid an accident. After the driver did this, he lost control of the lorry and The truck overturned on the car. There were two occupants inside the car when the accident happened luckily both of them escaped without any injuries.

The lorry driver also escaped the accident without injuries. As per the reports, the locals had complained about the speeding lorry in their region. The lorry which overturned was also speeding and the driver was trying to avoid crashing into a car that came to the middle of the road suddenly. From the pictures that have now surfaced online, it is clear that the passengers inside the car were lucky to have escaped without any injuries. The truck had completely turned over the car which looks like a Hyundai Grand i10 hatchback.

The rear section of the car is completely crushed by the weight of the truck and the rocks that it was carrying. The report suggests that the truck was speeding on the narrow road but, the car driver who attempted to cross the road without looking at the traffic is at fault too. Driving a heavy vehicle like a truck or a lorry needs a lot of attention. The driver has to be on alert especially when he is driving the truck fully loaded.

We have seen some videos where people crash vehicles into trucks and blame the truck driver for rash driving. In this case, both truck and the car driver were at fault. The truck driver was probably speeding to keep up with the convoy. As we can see in the video, the convoy had a total of three trucks. Two of them crossed the junction first and the third lorry that caused the accident was left behind. All the lorries in the convoy were speeding and it is quite evident from the video that has surfaced online. It is not clear if the police has taken any action against the lorry drivers or not after the accident.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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