Car Rear AC for just Rs. 80: Here’s how it’s done [Video]

Summers are here again and people have started turning towards their AC to full in order to beat the heat. The air conditioning system of a car is the sole solace one gets when travelling/commuting in summers. While there are a lot of ways to increase the efficiency of your car’s AC, the presence of rear AC vents is something that is an absolute boon. However, most of the hatchbacks and compact sedans don’t come equipped with rear AC vents and even if they do, most of the models get it only in the top variants. While the front AC cools the whole cabin after some time, the presence of rear AC vents is something that makes one feel blissed out.

For those who own a car without a rear AC vent, worry not. The video below by EASY LIFE IDEAS shows hot to equip your car with rear AC vents easily. The whole cost of this operation is not a bomb, but a mere Rs. 80. Unbelievable, check out the video below then.

Quite simple, isn’t it. Well, what the guy did on this video is pretty simple and can be done in nearly every car without much fuss. Now before you start asking about its disadvantages and other drawbacks, take a look at how it’s done.

Car Rear AC for just Rs. 80: Here’s how it’s done [Video]

How it’s done

Most of the cars have their rear AC vents behind the central tunnel of a car. The arrangement made here also uses the same place to position the rear AC vent. First of all, the plastic claddings around the central tunnel are loosened and taken out. This means that the plastic covering around the gearbox and the handbrake are loosened and pulled out. Then, a hole is cut in the rear section of the centre tunnel which faces the rear seats. A simple drain pipe is then taken and fitted towards the inside of this hole in a way that it will be inside the central tunnel when the plastic claddings are put back in place.

Car Rear AC for just Rs. 80: Here’s how it’s done [Video]

After the pipe is fitted securely, the plastic claddings are put back into place. After securing the plastic claddings properly, the pipe is then pulled forward and attached to the AC vents which are present below the dashboard, meant for throwing the air down towards the legs. Secure the pipe in there properly and woo, your rear AC vents are ready. Now for turning on the rear AC, set the airflow mode to up and down. For only rear AC, set it to down only and for turning it off completely, set it to up only. Easy as it gets. However, there are some precautions you must take care of.

Car Rear AC for just Rs. 80: Here’s how it’s done [Video]


  • Select the pipe of adequate length.
  • Cut the hole precisely so as to fit the pipe properly
  • Don’t forget to apply a strong adhesive around the pipe’s rim when attaching it on the hole.
  • Don’t forget to snake the pipe all the way towards the front before fastening the plastic claddings.
  • Get it done from a local mechanic if you don’t have the proper tools


  • No cold air for lower body areas for the front passengers.
  • The rear vent will throw relatively less cool air than the front because of the temperature gain in the pipe as the cooled air from will travel a longer distance.
  • Will result in rattles if claddings not fastened properly.
  • Sort of a makeshift arrangement


  • Cover the pipe with some insulating material like thin styrofoam sheet or duct tape. This will prevent the air from getting hotter to some extent whilst on its way to the vent.
  • For stronger airflow at the rear, you can attach a second pipe which takes air from the driver side lower air vent.
  • If following the above tip, cut the hole in a rectangular shape and then attach it with an AC vent cover. Available easily in car parts shops. This will allow for direction adjustment.

Car Rear AC for just Rs. 80: Here’s how it’s done [Video]

That’s all which needs to be done folks and your own DIY rear AC vent will be ready. Do note that the car in this video is a Maruti Suzuki WagonR and it has a full-length upper centre tunnel. In some cars like the old Hyundai i10, there’s a gap in between the gear console and the tunnel. However, the same thing can be done there too but with slight readjustments. Good luck beating the heat then folks.