Car stops at zebra crossing to let pedestrians pass: Gets hit by vehicles coming behind [Video]

pedestrian crossing car rear ended

We have mentioned several times that Indians do not care much about road safety and etiquette. This disregard for the laws often leads to accidents. Here is one such accident that illustrates how following the rules can cause accidents in India.

The accident was captured on CCTV and occurred in Kerala. It shows a two-lane road passing through a crowded area, well-marked with solid lines and featuring a zebra crossing. In this scenario, a small hatchback driver noticed people waiting at the zebra crossing. The driver slowed down and came to a complete stop. Following suit, a container truck also halted entirely. Unfortunately, a state bus was unable to stop in time and collided with the rear of the truck, causing it to crash into the back of the Celerio.

At the moment of the crash, no pedestrians were crossing the road, which could have resulted in injuries. The impact from the truck caused the Maruti Suzuki Celerio to move forward. While we are unsure about the extent of damage, it is likely to be minimal as the truck absorbed some of the impact from the bus.

Car stops at zebra crossing to let pedestrians pass: Gets hit by vehicles coming behind [Video]

After the truck came to a stop, people waiting on the sidelines began to cross the road. Fortunately, no injuries were reported in this accident. However, such incidents are unfortunately common. Motorists failing to stop for zebra crossings is a prevalent issue in India, and even pedestrians have become accustomed to this behavior.

Zebra crossings serve as designated road crossings.

Zebra crossings are dedicated sections of the road intended for pedestrian crossings. While the law stipulates that vehicles must stop before the zebra crossing when pedestrians are waiting and there is no traffic signal, most motorists either disregard or are unaware of this rule.

The Magistrate’s court in Mumbai has noted that the public should not be required to search for zebra crossings, which are designated locations for crossing the road. The court emphasizes that the absence of a zebra crossing or traffic signal is beyond the control of prosecution witnesses or the accused.

Obtaining a driving license in India is relatively easy. In some cases, applicants for a driver’s license do not even take the mandatory exams and driving tests. The lax regulations governing the issuance of licenses in India contribute to a lack of emphasis on safety education at the foundational levels.