Car stunt on republic day goes viral: Hyundai Creta, Verna, Honda City & Chevrolet Cruze seized

Performing stunts on public roads is a threat to the driver itself and other people who are driving on the road at that time. Here, is a video of four youth performing stunts on public roads. The video has been uploaded by Nagpurinfo on their Youtube channel. Traffic police of Nagpur have confiscated four vehicles whose drivers performed stunts on the recently constructed Wanjari Nagar elevated road. The police took an action when a video of youths performing stunts on the Republic Day got viral. They were driving recklessly, putting their and other lives at risk. Sarang Awad, DCP(traffic), in an interview with Times Of India, said that they were able to trace back the vehicles through the help of CCTV cameras that were installed nearby.

In the video, we can see the people standing through the sunroofs and performing stunts on the public roads. We can see a person standing through the sunroof of the Honda City at the beginning of the video. Then we see a white Verna which is coming at a very high speed, making what looks like a handbrake turn. The car first lost control and started going towards the left side and then suddenly turned towards the right side making a U-turn. Then we see a Blue Chevrolet Cruze in which a person is standing through the sunroof holding India’s flag. Then we see a Creta going at a high speed that just manages to not hit the Verna and filter between the City and the Verna. The Creta also looks like that it has been modified.

All four vehicles have been seized by the police and there was a common thing between the cars. All of them had a Team-47 stickers which is an Instagram page on which these youths used to post their videos in which they performed various stunts. The DCP has said that the vehicles have been detained and the owners have been issued challans for various violations, including dangerous driving under the Motor Vehicle Act. There were other fines also that were issued to the vehicles. The fines were for using black films, driving dangerously and overloading the vehicle, using a fancy number plate, driving without valid papers, driving without license and alteration of vehicles. The total cost of challan that was issued to the owners was Rs. 4,200.

Car stunt on republic day goes viral: Hyundai Creta, Verna, Honda City & Chevrolet Cruze seized


The police was also able to identify the owners of the vehicles. The owners were Aman Singh, whose age is 20, Qamin Ansari whose is also 20, Aniket Mahule whose age is just 19 and Sohail Khan eldest of them with an age of 25. The parents of all the kids run hardware shops whereas Sohail Khan’s parents run a pay and park facility at the Lata Mangeshkar Hospital.

Parents of all the four youths were called by the Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar for counselling. Sarang said that the Commissioner took this matter very seriously. “Apart from traffic police deployed at busy intersections on city roads, CCTV cameras are also keeping an eye on such violators,” DCP added. The traffic police will soon launch a special drive to seize two-wheeler riders performing stunts on city roads.