10 Car & SUV discounts of up to 2.85 lakhs

While the new year has just begun, car dealers want to get rid of any old stock they possess in their inventory. This means you could get a great deal on many 2016 model year cars, if you are willing to buy a car that has been manufactured last year. Here are cars that are now being offered at a discount of nearly a lakh or more or have had their prices slashed by the similar margin.

Ford Endeavour

10 Car & SUV discounts of up to 2.85 lakhs

Price reduction across range of upto Rs 2.85 lakhs

Ford has been playing the price game for a while now. The company first slashed prices, then increased them and has now slashed them again. The Endeavour has now become cheaper by upto Rs 2.85 lakhs, based on the variant chosen. This is back to the pricing that the car had previously, before the hike that took place last month.

The Endeavour has been a strong seller ever since it was re-introduced in its new avatar, however the new Fortuner has eaten into the sales of the Endeavour now. The SUV comes with two engine options, two transmission options and the option of 2wd/4wd as well. You just have to choose which one suits you best.

Hyundai Santa Fe

10 Car & SUV discounts of up to 2.85 lakhs

Upto Rs 2.5 lakhs

The Santa Fe was Hyundai’s answer to the Fortuner and the Endeavour. While it was more soft roader than pure off-roader, it looked stylish and had plush interiors. While the product was very good, the company priced the Santa Fe on the higher side, which meant that not many people bought one. You can get a discount of upto Rs 2.5 lakhs on the Santa Fe.

Renault Duster

10 Car & SUV discounts of up to 2.85 lakhs

Rs 1.2 lakhs on 2016 model

The Duster has been a good product for those looking at a no-nonsense SUV that can take all the beating you can give it. The car has the best suspension setup, suited to both comfort and handling. While it was very successful initially, ever since the Creta has come, it has begun to feel the heat. You can get upto Rs 1.2 lakhs off on a 2016 Duster where as you can even get Rs 50,000 off on a 2017 vehicle which makes the deal sweet.

Honda BR-V

10 Car & SUV discounts of up to 2.85 lakhs

Rs 1.2 lakhs on the petrol

The BR-V hasn’t been a strong selling product for the company. You can get a discount of upto Rs 1.2 lakhs on the petrol version of the BR-V, given how low the sales of the same are.

Renault Lodgy

10 Car & SUV discounts of up to 2.85 lakhs

Rs 1.0 lakh

The Lodgy is a car that is often featured on our discount story. While it is a very capable vehicle, it hasn’t found many takers, mainly down to the fact that it is sitting in the middle of two segments. People either opt for the cheaper Ertiga level cars or spend more for the Crysta. Those who are looking for a Lodgy can get upto Rs 1.0 lakh off on a 2016 car and Rs 40,000 off on a 2017 car.

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