Car thief abandons Ferrari, steals Tata Tiago instead [VIDEO]

The Tata Tiago seems to have established itself pretty well in our car market. Attractive prices, a comfortable cabin, frugal engines, and a long list of features – the Tiago has really a lot going for it. But is it so good that someone would choose it over a Ferrari? Here’s a video that tries to make exactly this point. Of course, this video is the work of some Tata Tiago fan group or a part of some marketing activity that we are not aware of.  Still, it’s a nice attempt at some humour. 

As you can see, a Ferrari drives into a parking lot of what seems to be some office/residential society. The Ferrari owner parks his supercar in front of a couple of vehicles and quickly walks away. Soon, a burglar clad in black clothes walks to the Ferrari and tries to open the driver’s side door. He succeeds and gets into the supercar. Next, he drives it for a few centimetres and stops.

Then, he gets out of the Ferrari and gets into a Tiago instead. The next few frames show him driving off in the Tiago, thereby leaving the supercar behind. Basically, the Ferrari blocked the way of the Tiago and hence, the car thief had to break into it to move it ahead. He wasn’t interested in stealing the Ferrari and chose to drive away with the small hatchback instead. The video ends with – Tata Tiago. The car for the city.

Even the Youtube account that has uploaded this video seems to be fake. However, the funny video tries to make a point – the Tiago is the best car to beat the city traffic. Quite obviously, the small size and the sufficiently powerful and frugal engines make this hatchback a pretty good option for your urban commutes.

True, it’s no match for a Ferrari. However, the creative geniuses behind this have done their job pretty well. One is actually better off in a small, easy-to-manoeuvre car like a Tiago than in a super-powerful, tough-to-control Ferrari when dealing with the urban mess. This funny video seems to drive home this point pretty well.

Video courtesy – Public Eye Security Cameras