Thieves steal Maruti Swift from OLX seller: Kerala Police bust them by posing as buyers

Just a few days back, Bengaluru police nabbed a bike thief who used to pose as a buyer and meet bike sellers through OLX, later stealing the bike itself. The police posted an ad on OLX and lured in the man for a great deal leading to him being nabbed. In a similar case, cops in Mukkam, Kerala caught hold of two car thieves who stole a Maruti Suzuki Swift on the pretext of taking a test drive. According to a report by Mathrubhumi, the owner had advertised about the Swift on OLX but was later conned. However, police then trapped the persons who had come to resell the car. According to the report, the car was seized from Neeleswaram on Wednesday at 11 am near Mukkam.

Thieves steal Maruti Swift from OLX seller: Kerala Police bust them by posing as buyers

The Maruti Suzuki Swift in question here was advertised on OLX for sale by its real owner. Later on, he was contacted by the said thieves regarding the car and he showed interest in buying it from the owner. They both then agreed to meet and on July 23, the owner of the car brought it to Pandikkad. The buyer checked out the car and after seeing the car, he said that he liked it and need a trial run before fixing the deal. However, during the trial run, he escaped with the car leaving the owner with no other choice than to lodge a complaint with the local police and seek assistance.

The thief, on the other hand, removed the number plate of the car and disconnected the GPS system so as to eliminate the possibility of the car getting tracked. The police were in search of the vehicle all this while but due to the smart moves of the thief, the vehicle could not be found. Later, the thief tried to sell the car and for the same, he approached a Wayanad native. This new prospective buyer met the thief and went on to inspect the Maruti Suzuki Swift so as to figure out any damage on the car. However, he found the original registration certificate of the car which made him a bit suspicious. He contacted the phone number mentioned in the document which brought the whole case to light.

As soon as this new buyer came to know the whole scenario with this Swift, he immediately stepped back from the deal while the original owner of the car passed on the newfound information to police. Based on the information, Mukkam police contacted the thief expressing interest to buy the car. Police introduced themselves as Neeleswaram native and asked to bring the car to Neeleswaram. The car was brought to the said meeting point by two men who were immediately taken into custody by the cops.