Careless Bajaj Pulsar rider crashes into the rear of a car: Caught on dash cam

Careless bikers riding recklessly and causing accidents are not uncommon occurrences in India. In many cases, these bikers ride rashly or even perform stunts on public roads. The police department has installed surveillance cameras in almost every city to track such offenders and issue fines. In some cases, these careless riding behaviors result in accidents and even serious injuries. Here we have a video where a rider on a Bajaj Pulsar crashes into the rear of a car. The accident was captured on the car’s rear dashcam.

The video recently surfaced online, and the accident took place in Ludhiana, Punjab. The video was recorded on the car’s dashcam that the biker crashed into. In the beginning of the video, a biker on a Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle is seen in the right lane of the road. As the road narrows and traffic increases, both the car and the bike were maintaining a safe distance. The car was traveling at a speed of around 30-35 km/h. Suddenly, the car’s driver applied the brakes, and the biker crashed into the car, falling onto the road.

To understand what happened, it’s necessary to review the video. The biker was maintaining the same speed and a safe distance from the car in front. However, a few seconds before the collision, the biker took his right hand off the handlebar to remove his gloves while the bike was still in motion. At this moment, the car in front slowed down and came to a complete stop. Distracted by removing his gloves, the biker didn’t have enough time to regain control of the handlebar and apply the brakes.

Careless Bajaj Pulsar rider crashes into the rear of a car: Caught on dash cam
Biker crashed into car

Consequently, he crashed into the rear of the car and fell onto the road. The car driver continued without stopping. Fortunately, the biker was wearing a helmet and did not sustain any injuries. Other cars and bike riders behind the Bajaj Pulsar rider also managed to slow down in time to avoid crashing into the fallen biker. In our opinion, even if it wasn’t the car driver’s fault, they should have stopped to check if the biker was alright. The car driver had to brake due to the cars in front slowing down. The biker likely attempted to remove his gloves while riding to answer a call or check directions.

This accident could have been easily avoided if the biker had been more cautious. He could have parked his bike on the side of the road, removed his riding gloves, and then continued his journey. Instead, he chose to perform this task while the bike was in motion, resulting in the current outcome. A scooter rider can be seen helping the fallen rider pick up the bike, while the car that recorded the video continues moving forward. The car did not sustain significant damage. Although it was a minor accident, ideally, the car driver should have checked on the rider’s condition after the incident.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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