Biker Crashes Into Skoda Kushaq Taking U-turn: Who’s Wrong Here? [Video]

Careless biker crashes into Kushaq

If you are a person who drives or rides on Indian roads, you already know that it is a risky endeavor. Many people on our roads do not care about traffic rules and also lack patience. This makes the overall experience quite stressful for many road users, often leading to accidents that leave people severely injured. Here, we have a video from Odisha where a bike rider crashes into a Skoda Kushaq SUV that was taking a U-turn under a bridge.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. The video was actually shared with him by the owner of the Skoda Kushaq, whose car was involved in this accident. The owner of the car shared the dashcam video and also explained what happened. The accident occurred in Sambalpur, Odisha, at 1:14 PM.

In this video, we see the Skoda Kushaq coming to a stop on the left side of a road that is running parallel to a flyover or elevated road. The Skoda driver slowly turns the car in a bid to take a U-turn. The video shows that the driver’s vision was partially blocked by the car parked under the flyover.

The driver stopped and looked before turning the car. He moved ahead after confirming that there was no vehicle coming from the left side. The car driver moved forward, and just as he was about to finish making the U-turn, a rider on a commuter bike crashed into the SUV. From the images that the owner shared, the biker destroyed the front bumper and skid plate of the SUV.

Biker Crashes Into Skoda Kushaq Taking U-turn: Who’s Wrong Here? [Video]
Careless biker crashes into Kushaq

The biker was probably coming in at a high speed, and by the time he spotted the SUV, it was too late. The biker could not slow down or stop the bike on time and crashed into the car. The biker was thrown away from the bike. Thankfully, the rider was wearing a riding helmet, and the car also had a dash camera.

The helmet saved the biker from any kind of head injury, and the dash camera will help the car driver in proving his innocence in this case. We do see the footage, and it is quite clear that this biker was not seen anywhere in the video. It was almost like the biker appeared out of nowhere and crashed into the bike.

The video doesn’t mention anything about the biker, and we really hope he escaped the crash with minor or no injuries. This accident could have easily been avoided if the biker was riding at a lower speed.

Also, the Skoda Kushaq driver was taking the U-Turn at an odd angle. Basically, U-Turns must be attempted into the immediate lane of the road, especially when there’s no clear line of sight. It also looks like the biker was actually trying to squeeze the bike through the narrow gap before the car made the turn.

This video is a great example of why one must always wear a riding helmet and also the benefits of installing a dash camera in your vehicle. We urge people riding or driving on Indian roads to remain calm, patient, and also follow lane discipline and traffic rules to avoid such incidents.