Careless biker swerves into fast lane: Oncoming Mahindra Bolero topples while avoiding biker [Video]

The quality of roads in our country has improved in the last couple of decades. We now have national highways and expressways connecting different parts of the country, making travel easier for people. However, despite these improvements in road connectivity, there are still several challenges that people driving on Indian roads face, one of which is driving etiquette. The lack of driving etiquette often becomes a reason for accidents on our roads. It has been emphasized several times that one must be extremely careful while driving in India as you never know who might come in front of your vehicle. Here we have a video in which a careless biker rode into the fast lane and caused an accident.

The video has been uploaded by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. The whole incident was captured by a CCTV installed on the roadside in Madhya Pradesh. The video is almost two weeks old, and in it, we can see that the camera is facing the road. There are people busy with their own chores, and suddenly a biker along with two pillion riders enters the camera frame from the lower right-hand corner. The biker joins the road and immediately changes the lane to the rightmost lane, which is usually known as the overtaking lane or the fast lane.

It appears that the biker did not engage any turn signal or use hand signals before changing lanes. When he did so, he did not look at the vehicles behind him. There was a Mahindra Bolero behind him, and as soon as the biker changed lanes, the driver of the Bolero applied brakes. The Bolero was being driven at a high speed, and the driver applied brakes to avoid a collision with the biker. The Bolero did avoid the crash; however, while trying to do so, the driver lost control over the vehicle.

Careless biker swerves into fast lane: Oncoming Mahindra Bolero topples while avoiding biker [Video]
Careless bikes causes accident

We can see that the driver applied the brakes hard, and as a result, the front lost control, and it went sideways. The front end of the Bolero was facing the median, and after hitting it, the MUV toppled. Meanwhile, the biker simply left the spot. The roof of the Bolero was crushed from the front, and the windshield was broken too. Hopefully, the driver and passenger in the Bolero were safe. The engine oil and other fluids can be seen leaking under the bonnet. Other than this, there are minor scratches on the body panels. It looks like an older version of the Mahindra Bolero, which does not come with ABS or other safety features. ABS & EBD would have helped the MUV brake better without losing control.

In this case, the fault is completely with the biker. He did not use any sort of turn signals and did not even look back or wait for the other vehicle to cross. The rightmost lane on a road is known as the lane for fast-moving vehicles or overtaking lane. In this case, the motorcycle is not a fast vehicle, but the rider was planning to join the right lane, and he should have clearly indicated this. There are three people sitting on the motorcycle, which is illegal. Additionally, neither the rider nor the pillion riders were wearing helmets.

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