Careless Kia Seltos SUV driver causes crash [Video]

Driving on Indian roads can be dangerous sometimes. There are several videos of people driving carelessly on roads. These careless drivers often end up in accidents. When driving on a highway, one has to be extremely careful as there are chances that a cow, dog or even a man might come in front of your vehicle out of nowhere. Here we have a video of an such careless driver who caused an accident. The video also is a great example why one must be extremely careful when driving during rainy season.

The video has been uploaded by Polimer News on their YouTube channel. The incident according to the video happened in Kerala’s Malappuram district. The video was actually recorded in CCTV installed in a shop which as facing the road. An auto-rickshaw is seen passing through the road and just behind the auto is a Kia Seltos SUV. There is a pocket road going down on the right side of the main road. Kia Seltos reduced the speed immediately and started taking a turn. The Kia Seltos driver had switched on the turn indicator but, he did not stop before making the turn.

Another auto-rickshaw which was right behind the Seltos saw the Seltos turning and immediately applied brakes. As the road was wet due to rain, the auto driver immediately lost control. The auto driver can be seen struggling to avoid a crash. He slams the brakes and tries to steer the auto away from the car to the right hand side. The driver also turned the car to the right hand side and the autorickshaw eventually hit the car. After the accident, the auto driver was thrown away from the vehicle while the auto continued to roll down the slope before coming to a stop after it hit a tree.

Careless Kia Seltos SUV driver causes crash [Video]

In this case, both the drivers are at fault. The Kia Seltos driver did not stop and look for traffic from behind before taking the turn and the auto was carrying too much speed. It is not clear whether, the Seltos driver switched on the turn indicator at the last moment in that case, auto driver had no other way but to slam brakes and steer the vehicle away. If you are planning to take a turn on a road. The safest way to do it is by engage turn indicator to the direction where you are planning to turn and start slowing down. Give enough time for the vehicles behind you to move away or slow down. After you approach the point where you want to take the turn. Stop and look for traffic from the opposite side and also keep an eye on the vehicles that are behind you.

Once the road is clear take the turn. In this case, if the Kia Seltos driver had stopped before taking the turn, the auto driver might have been able to avoid the accident by overtaking Kia Seltos from the right side. Auto driver did not get enough time to respond to the situation. The wet road also made things difficult for the auto driver. Always drive slowly when it is raining to avoid such incidents.