Careless motorcycle rider cuts wrong way across traffic, has HUGE crash (Video)

Time and again, we see car drivers and motorcycle riders in India drive on the wrong side of the road. Often, such stupid behaviour on the road leads to accidents, causing deaths and serious injuries in most cases. Here’s CCTV footage of a motorcyclist riding on the wrong side of the road, causing major confusion, and finally a big crash.

This crash was uploaded to Youtube by Tirupati traffic police to create more awareness about the multiple mistakes the motorcycle rider made, which put him in such a terrible situation. The accident happened on the 21st of February, at TMR circle at Tirupati. The condition of the rider is not known at the moment.

As the video indicates, the rider – on a commuter motorcycle and helmet-less – is first seen riding on the wrong side of the road. In fact, there’s one more motorcyclist riding on the wrong side of the road. The first rider then crosses the road, again at a place that’s clearly not designated. He doesn’t notice a Ford Figo Aspire sedan approaching, and directly crashes into the car.

The impact sees the motorcycle thrown away and the motorcyclist hits the road hard, and lies motionless on the road before passers-by and traffic cops come to the rider’s rescue. The rider is shifted to an autorickshaw, and it appears that he’s being taken to a hospital. The driver of the Ford Figo Aspire does not flee the scene but tries to help.

There are multiple things at play here,

  1. The motorcyclist is riding on the wrong side of the road, thereby breaking the law in the process.
  2. He crosses at the wrong place, catching the car driver by surprise
  3. The car driver’s vision is blocked by the tractor, driving alongside.
  4. All these factors come together to cause the accident, which could have been easily prevented had the motorcyclist followed traffic rules.