Careless rider crashes scooter into mahout: Scared elephant runs away [Video]

Riding or driving on Indian roads is actually a challenge in itself. Even if you are a person who likes to drive or ride safely, there are many people on the road who ride recklessly and end up in accidents. We have seen videos of many accidents and near death experiences shared by  people on internet. Other than careless riders, there are stray animals, jaywalkers and cattle on the road which create accidents at times. Here we have one such video where a careless scooter rider crashes into a mahout while he was getting the elephant out from a truck.

The video has been uploaded by R Media on their YouTube channel. The incident happened in Kerala. Exact location where this incident happened is not shared in the video. In this small video clip that has gone viral online, an Elephant is seen getting out from a truck. Normally, elephants are transported from one location to other in such trucks. The driver had parked the truck on the road side so that the elephant can get out of the truck.

There were mahouts who were giving instructions to the elephant to get down. Many people surrounded the spot to see elephant get down. The road where the truck was parked was wide enough to park the truck without obstructing the traffic. Other scooters and vehicles can be seen passing by in the video. One of the mahout was on the elephant and other two were on the ground to giving instructions. As soon as the elephant had got down, a careless scooter rider who was travelling with his family probably rammed into one of the mahouts on the ground.

Careless rider crashes scooter into mahout: Scared elephant runs away [Video]

The scooter rider was coming so fast that the mahout was thrown away. In many of the social media platforms where this story is currently being circulated, it is said that a lady was riding the scooter but, if you look at the video carefully it was actually a man and the lady was the pillion. After the scooter had hit the mahout, she slipped to the front as the rider had lost control over the vehicle. This accident actually scared the elephant as there was a sound after the scooter had hit the mahout.

The scared elephant ran away while one of the mahout was still sitting on top of it. The locals who had gathered around to see the elephant get down also got scared and started running away. Luckily, the elephant did not harm the scooter rider and ran straight on the road. Elephants are often used in many temples in India as part of ritual. Most of the elephants are tamed but, there are instances when they charge on humans. There are several incidents reported from Kerala and other parts of the country where elephant has killed people after getting scared. In this case, the careless scooter rider is at fault. He should have been a bit more careful on the road. As far as the people who came with the elephant, they should have blocked traffic on the road for sometime so that nothing like this happens, or they should have done this in an open ground.