Careless scooter rider talking on phone causes crash on the road: Escapes unhurt [Video]

We have written several articles about careless two-wheeler riders in India and how they pose a threat to other road users. We have come across several incidents in the past where major accidents have occurred due to rash driving. We have repeatedly mentioned in our articles that driving on Indian roads is risky as you never know what might come in front of your vehicle. There have been cases where stray animals, people driving on the wrong side, and even jaywalkers have caused accidents in the past.

Here, we have a video showing an old man riding a scooter while speaking on a mobile phone narrowly escaping a major accident. The video has been shared by Kala Krishnaswamy, IPS on her official Twitter page, with a caption in Kannada that translates to “While driving, your focus should be on the road and not on the mobile”. The accident was recorded on a CCTV camera installed on a nearby store, facing the road with a clear view of the median cut.

In the video, we can see a Hyundai Verna approaching the camera when suddenly a scooter rider tries to get to the other side of the road. The rider, an old man, is not paying attention to the road as he is speaking on his mobile phone, holding it in one hand while his other hand is on the handlebar. As he approaches the cut, he accelerates the scooter forward without looking at the oncoming traffic.

Careless scooter rider talking on phone causes crash on the road: Escapes unhurt [Video]

The Verna driver, who was driving in the rightmost lane, saw the scooter rider in front of the car and applied brakes to avoid an accident. The car driver even changed lanes to avoid a crash, but the rider on the scooter was completely unaware of the danger and continued to speak on his phone. While trying to avoid the crash, the Verna rubbed against the front wheel of the scooter, causing the rider to lose balance.

Although the car driver tried to slow down, he did not have much time to act. The car ended up crashing into the shop and a parked scooter outside the store. The careless scooter rider was in shock and had no idea what just happened. He looked at the car and then picked up his phone which fell on the road during the accident. The alert car driver managed to avoid an accident, but unfortunately, the car did crash into another vehicle. We hope that the occupants inside the Verna were all safe. If the driver had not changed lanes or swerved the car on time, the old man riding the scooter carelessly might have suffered serious injuries. Moreover, he was not wearing a proper riding helmet. As this is a short video, it does not show the exact damage that the scooter and the car sustained in this accident.