Careless truck driver cuts lane dangerously: Pays for damages after dashcam records incident [Video]

The ignorance of motorists on the roads of India is touching new heights with each passing day. While many are just not aware of the rules while driving or riding on the roads, many are deliberately breaking the rules despite having an idea about them. In both situations, careless driving or riding is a mutual concern, which can be proven wrong with the help of dashboard cameras. Here’s one incident from Bihar which shows how crucial dashboard cameras can be, in case of a road accident.

The details of the said incident are shown through a YouTube video shown by Prateek Singh. In this video, we can see a Mahindra XUV300 wrongfully hit by a truck. The XUV300 driver was driving rightly on the overtaking lane, while the dashboard camera in his vehicle was turned on. Ahead of him, two trucks were going in separate lanes. After a few seconds, when the truck in front of the XUV300 sped up, another truck in the other lane abruptly came into the lane of the XUV300, without giving any prior indicator or signal.

Due to this foolishness of the truck driver, the truck hit the XUV300’s front profile, which damaged the front fender, front bumper and bonnet of the XUV300. Thankfully, the entire incident of the truck hitting the XUV300 got recorded on the dashboard camera. After this accident took place, the truck driver didn’t bother to even stop. However, the XUV300 driver followed the truck and stopped ahead of him, thus blocking his way to confront him.

All damages collected from the truck driver

Careless truck driver cuts lane dangerously: Pays for damages after dashcam records incident [Video]

At the end of the video, the presenter said that the XUV300 driver claimed all the damages from the truck driver for his mistake.  This is just one of the many examples in which motorists do not drive properly and end up damaging other vehicles on the road or hitting other motorists, while not following the motor rules properly on the road.

In such situations, the dashboard cameras mounted on the motorcycle or inside a vehicle come in very handy. Such cameras do record all the wrongdoings of other motorists, the footages of which help the innocent driver/rider to claim compensation or his rightfulness in the entire accident. We have seen an ample amount of accidents or incidents on the road, in which the person who was at the fault made false accusations, but ended up being proven wrong due to the footage of such dashboard cameras.

The dashboard is very useful in various cases. It can be used to record accidents and crimes on public roads. The footage provides important and very crucial evidence when accidents happen and it eases the process of insurance claims. Many high-end cameras can also detect motion and capture the footage ensuring that it records if anyone tries to temper the vehicle. In all, dashboard cameras are a great investment and everyone should get one for their own safety and to avoid such situations.

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