5 simple ways to make your car’s AC hyper effective!

The climate has taken a turn now and the usual May-June-July summers are already biting our heals. With the temperature set to soar real high from the next couple of days, the air-conditioners of our cars will be the only solace while travelling. However, not all AC’s perform equally and some can let you down in the hour you need them the most. To save you from such a condition, here are a few tips to maximize your car AC’s performance this summer.

Park your car in the shade

The oldest tip in the book is also one of the most effective ones. Simply parking your car in shade will prevent it from turning into an active greenhouse and will keep it cooler. It is best to park the car in a basement parking or under any other cover. If nothing, the good old trees are your saviour for the day. Doing so will not only keep your car cooler but also reduce the load on the AC when you start it. However, if lady luck is hard on you and you find it tough to find any sort of cover or shade, read the next point to know what to do in such a scenario.

Windscreen reflectors & blinds

So you were forced to park in open as there was no shade available. In such conditions, put a reflector or a sunshade on the windscreens. The front and rear windshields are most vulnerable to the blazing sun due to their large surface area. Hence, placing sunshades or better a reflector on them will considerably lower the chances of your car turning into a furnace. Best is to put them on all the windows as they cut the amount of sunlight entering the car by a good measure and thus keeps the car comparatively cooler.

Leave windows a little open

Slightly Open Car Window

This is not recommended if you are parking in a populated public place due to obvious reasons. However, if your car is parked in a secured location, then leaving the windows slightly open helps keep things cooler inside the car. This is because the air circulation is maintained which keeps the in-cabin temperature equivalent to the outside temperature or lower than it. As many people install window visors these days as an aftermarket accessory, opening the windows slightly is even less risky.

Roll down windows before turning on the AC

If you have parked your car in open on a hot summer day for long, it is advised to open all the windows before turning the AC on. Drive for a few minutes with the windows open and then turn on the AC. Doing so brings down the temperature by circulating fresh air and removing the hot air inside the cabin. This, in turn, makes your AC perform better without being stressed. This will thus make your car will get cooled faster and efficiently.

Get your car’s AC serviced

Everything on a car needs regular checkups and servicing. The case of the air-conditioning system is no different and it needs to be serviced too for optimal performance. One should take their car either to the authorised service centre or else to a trained AC specialist mechanic to carry out this service. As this is a bit lengthy and time-consuming process, spare at-least half-a-day for it. The whole The AC servicing usually consists of the following steps:

  • Air vent temperature check
  • Replacement of AC gas
  • Replacement of AC filter
  • Adjustments of drive belts and pulleys
  • Operation of valves and thermostats
  • Leak tests of system and components
  • Cleaning the condenser fins
  • Sanitizing the system