Cars of the Year 2013: What makes the EcoSport, Amaze and Grand i10 popular?

The Honda Amaze, the Ford EcoSport and the Hyundai Grand i10 have all been nominated as cars of the year by various media, and with good reason. Each of these cars had something unique about them. So much so, that there was no unanimous choice for a car of the year, with every media house trying to appease each of these car’s manufacturers with the “Car of the Year” title in some form or the other. 

Just what is it that makes these three vehicles so popular. The interesting point here is that all these three more or less compete in the same space – as they are all sub 4-metre “compact” vehicles. Ok, so the Hyundai Grand i10 is a hatchback, the Ford EcoSport is a compact SUV and the Honda Amaze is a compact sedan. One promises a lot of features and hence was a popular choice. The other breaks through the clutter and creates a completely new segment for itself, besides being sporty and unique looking. And the third shows you what intelligent packaging and a frugal diesel engine can do to the compact sedan space.

Which of these cars do you think really stands out as the car of the year?  And why are they so popular? Watch the video to find out: