Cars seized, 668 people jailed for violating lockdown

After the authorities announced the complete lockdown of Indore City from Friday, police forces spread across the city to check any unauthorised movement by the citizens. While most of the city wore a deserted look, the police took action against anyone who was found roaming around the city without any reasons.

Cars seized, 668 people jailed for violating lockdown

The district administration gave orders to take strict action against anyone who violates the COVID-19 safety protocols. With heavy police force on the roads, as many as 685 violators were sent to temporary jail made for the purpose. It is the highest number of violators arrested by the police during Corona Curfew in the city in a single day.

The weekend lockdown came to an end on Monday and markets were allowed to reopen under strict vigilance, people came out in massive hoards. The police are still taking action against anyone who comes out without a reason. Police seized a large number of vehicles but did not give out a specific number. They also flattened the tyres of some vehicles as soon as the driver could not explain them coming out of their homes.

Cars seized, 668 people jailed for violating lockdown

The cops also seized a vehicle when they saw a man was carrying a birthday cake for the celebration. On Monday, the cops sent around 100 vehicles to the impound and 25 more people were sent to temporary jail near Vijay Nagar Police station. Other areas also reported similar seizure of vehicles and people going to jail.

Similar actions all across India

Cars seized, 668 people jailed for violating lockdown

With the second wave of the COVID-19 infecting lakhs of people on a daily basis, the central government announced that it will not impose a country-wide lockdown like last year. However, most states and union territories shut their borders and went under a complete lockdown to bring down the number of cases and contain the spread of the virus.

The authorities have deployed the police to ensure law and order and also that everyone follows the lockdown rules. In almost all the states, the police have seized vehicles and have arrested people. In Bangalore, the cops seized more than 2,000 vehicles in a single day on the first day of lockdown. Similar cases also being reported from Pune, Maharashtra.

Last day, the total number of cases came down below 2 lakh for a long time in the country. The situation may improve in the coming weeks or months and the government may announce opening up the roads and markets soon.

Even car sales and car manufacturers are highly impacted because of the second wave in India. Workers of Renault-Nissan India and Hyundai Motor India have forced the manufacturers to shut down the plants due to the rising cases. Meanwhile Hero MotoCorp and Maruti Suzuki have started their operations in a staggered manner.