Cars swept away as Cyclone Michaung floods Chennai [Video]

chennai cyclone michuang cars flood road

The Bay of Bengal has once again been struck by a devastating cyclone this year, named “Michaung,” which has begun wreaking havoc in Chennai, Puducherry, and the NTR district in Andhra Pradesh. A video capturing the aftermath of Cyclone Michaung has surfaced on the internet, showing cars being swept away by floodwaters resulting from the cyclone.

In a video shared by a user named “vittoba.balaji” on X (formerly Twitter), a row of cars parked outside an apartment in Chennai is seen being carried away by rising floodwaters in the Pallikaranai area. The video depicts floodwaters surging from a nearby canal near the apartment, affecting around 15-16 parked cars.

As the force of the flowing water increases, the cars are swept away from their parking spots, carried in the direction of the water down the lane. Additionally, a few trees are observed being washed away by the floodwaters. The video, taken from a higher floor of the apartment, has been shared on X and has garnered hundreds of thousands of views and comments. Some viewers express sympathy for the owners of the cars carried away by the floodwaters due to Cyclone Michaung.

Cars swept away as Cyclone Michaung floods Chennai [Video]

Originating over the southwest Bay of Bengal, Cyclone Michaung (pronounced as migjaum, meaning strength) has been moving northwestward at a speed of 8-10 kmph. The cyclone has already reached eastern coastal cities and towns like Chennai, Puducherry, Nellore, Bapatla, and Machilipatnam, where its impact is most noticeable. The Regional Meteorological Centre in Chennai has issued a heavy rainfall alert, expected to intensify until December 5th. The Tamil Nadu state government has advised its people to stay indoors and work from home.


Flood-like situations in the eastern coastal parts of the country due to cyclones in the Bay of Bengal have become a regular occurrence every year. To prevent their vehicles from being swept away or damaged due to waterlogging, car owners are advised to park their vehicles in elevated areas away from flowing flood channels.

Don’t drive on flooded roads

If your vehicle becomes immobilized in the middle of a flooded road, it is important to remain calm. This situation is a common issue faced by cars in extreme waterlogged conditions, especially when drivers attempt to navigate through at high speeds. When water enters the air intake, it can cause the engine to shut off, bringing the car to a complete halt.

In the event that your car stops working in the middle of the road due to water damage, it is crucial to resist the urge to restart the engine. Starting the car can further damage the engine, as the combustion process is already affected by the presence of water. Instead, it is best to seek assistance from trained professionals who can address the issue of hydrolocking and safely move the vehicle using specialized equipment such as a crane or a tow truck.