Iconic cars we want back in MODERN form: Hindustan Ambassador to Tata Sierra

The Indian automotive scene has changed rapidly over the course of the last couple of years. The buying pattern has shifted towards more premium vehicles while the popularity of different segments has changed too. We now have much more advanced and feature-rich car which are not only aesthetically pleasing but much safer than before. However, there are a few cars from the past which still have a soft corner in our hearts and it would be great to see them made in their modern avatars. Here are five such popular cars from the past which we would like to see today in their modern avatars.

Tata Sierra

Iconic cars we want back in MODERN form: Hindustan Ambassador to Tata Sierra

The Tata Sierra is one such car which we would like to see today in its modern avatar, such as the one in the rendered image above. The iconic three-door SUV from Tata was a bit ahead of its time and hence didn’t get the recognition it should have received. Talking about its modern avatar, Tata’s IMPACT 2.0 design looks quite good on the Sierra as seen in the image above. The LED DRL and headlights configuration in swapped positions makes it look smart. The original Sierra’s design DNA has been kept intact too in the form of the large glass area at the rear. With the right pricing and positioning, the Sierra could be a hit in the market.

Tata Estate

Iconic cars we want back in MODERN form: Hindustan Ambassador to Tata Sierra

Estates of station wagons have never been a thing in India. A few which came didn’t catch the fancy of buyers and hence were quickly discontinued. One such vehicle is the Tata Estate. Though it was never really a popular car in our country, given the recent market inclination towards MPVs, we believe it could attract a  lot of potential buyers in its modern avatar. To let you know, the Tata Estate was one of the earliest station wagons on sale in India. If Tata could revive it using the OMEGA platform and IMPACT 2.0 design, it could be a big hit for sure. The render above gives a good idea of how the new age Tata Estate should look like.

Hindustan Motors Ambassador

Truth to be told, this list would be incomplete without the inclusion of the HM Ambassador. The Ambassador nameplate had been purchased by Peugeot a few years back and the French brand has hinted towards the possibility of bringing the car back, albeit in a raunchy modern avatar. Going y speculations, we expect the Peugeot Ambassador to be based on the 308 sedan unveiled in China in 2016. A few tweaks inspired by the curvy design of the iconic Ambassador could be infused in the car so as to bring back the nostalgia factor.

Tata Sumo

Iconic cars we want back in MODERN form: Hindustan Ambassador to Tata Sierra

The Tata Sumo has been around since a very long time in India. Despite being a modest offering, it has attained an iconic status due to its long production run, go anywhere ability, reliability and fuss-free nature. Now, however, is the right time for Tata to give it an update. The render above, for example, gives a good idea of how it could turn out to be in its modern avatar. With the IMPACT 2.0 design on it and a few other tweaks, the Tata Sumo could be turned into a radical looking vehicle for sure.

Tata Xenon XT

Finishing off the list is the Xenon XT, a pick-up truck which Tata discontinued sometime back. It did not become a big seller at its time as the market hadn’t matured enough at that time. However, lifestyle pick-up trucks have gained some traction among enthusiasts now and this could be the perfect opportunity for Tata to revive the nameplate. The render above shows how the next-generation Tata Xenon would look like and we are completely smitten by it. It could use the same KRYOTEC engine as on the Harrier for power along with the OMEGA platform.