CarToq community says diesel Honda City will bring it back to No. 1

Honda is back in the news thanks to its upcoming compact sedan based on the Brio, the Honda Amaze. What’s even more exciting about the car is that it will come with Honda’s first diesel engine for the Indian market – a 1.5 litre iDtec unit.

The Honda City on the other hand, which was once the No. 1 selling car in its segment has been ousted from its spot because it does not have a diesel engine option. The Hyundai Verna has taken that spot for over a year now. The Verna comes in 10 variants, five of which are diesel, and which account for more than 70% of Verna sales. The same is the case with the Volkswagen Vento and Skoda Rapid, which are constantly trying to grab the No. 2 spot from the City. Also read: Honda Amaze diesel driven, gets positive reviews

CarToq community says diesel Honda City will bring it back to No. 1

The City has been selling an average of nearly 3000 cars a month in the past six months – a commendable feat considering it is a petrol-only model, with the recent addition of a CNG option. The Hyundai Verna in the same period has been selling an average of 5,140 cars a month! The Vento has dropped a bit and sells just under 2000 cars a month.

Given that the City is a petrol-only model, just imagine how its sales would be if it had a diesel engine? That’s what we asked you the CarToq community a while ago.

We asked you, can a diesel engine in the Honda City bring it back to the No.1 spot in its segment? The answer was a clear yes, going by the poll. Of the 700 people who voted on the poll, a majority of 83% (581 votes) said that the City will become the No. 1 selling car in its segment if it got a diesel engine.

Poll results

Do you think the Honda City would take the top spot in the segment if it had a diesel engine?

Yes:  581

No:  119

Total votes: 700

Honda so far has not indicated that it will be squeezing in the 1.5 litre idTec engine that it is debuting in India with the Amaze, in the City. But it is a logical choice for the City given that the iDtec would chalk up the numbers for Honda, allowing it to regain the No. 1 spot in its segment, beating the Hyundai Verna.

The iDtec that will come to India in the Amaze is expected to have a power output of between 80 bhp to 90 bhp. In that state of tune it may seem a little underpowered for the Honda City, as Honda has always tried to stay on top of the power stakes in each of the segments it operates in.

The other choice is for Honda to bring in the 1.6-litre iDtec, on which the 1.5-litre iDtec is based, and put it in the City. The 1.6-litre iDtec which will go into the new European Civic, puts out 120PS (118 bhp) of power and 300 Nm of torque. This figure is ideally suited to the City in India to make it a potent competitor to the Verna which puts out 126 bhp of power and 260 Nm of torque. Also read: New cars from Honda in the next two years.

Share your thoughts on how a diesel-engined power Honda City will fare in the market.