CarToq Exclusive: Force One 4X4 SUV with jump seats and BS3 spec spotted

Force Motors is notorious for making product announcements and even launching products without backing it up with actual supply to its dealer network. Case in point is the revamped Force Gurkha 4X4 off roaders, which is yet to reach dealerships despite being launched over a year ago.

CarToq Exclusive: Force One 4X4 SUV with jump seats and BS3 spec spotted
Force One BS3 4X4 SUV

A similar story is true about the 4X4 variant of the Force One, whose sales are yet to begin. CarToq’s car spotters snagged a Force One 4X4 SUV with jump seats at the rear. The side facing jump seats are new additions to the SUV, which has been available with front facing captain and bench seats in 6 and 7 seater configurations.

The jump seats, aided by the Force One’s capacious boot and ample dimensions, provide room to squeeze in four adults. Curiously, the 4×4 version of the Force One SUV on test was a BS3 variant, suggesting that Force Motors is looking to give the 4X4 functionality to the 2.6 liter OM616 turbo diesel engined Force One EX variant.

The EX variant is a cut price model aimed squarely at the cab operator segment. The OM616 motor, manufactured under license from the Daimler group, outputs 80 Bhp of peak power and 230 Nm of peak torque on the Force One EX variant.

If Force Motors is indeed planning to add a 4X4 mechanism to the Force One EX model, the SUV is likely to be underpowered given the additional 200 kilograms weight that the 4X4 system brings to the equation. The BS3 version of the Force One EX 4X4 featured steel wheels and jump seats,  two indicators that the BS3 variant is meant for the cab market in the hilly areas of the country, where a 4X4 mechanism is indispensable.

Previously, test mules of the Force One 4X4 have featured the 2.2 liter turbo diesel engine that outputs 138 Bhp-320 Nm. Expect the Force One in 4X4 guise to be priced at about 10 lakh rupees for the BS3 EX variant in 9 seater guise while the top end LX 4×4 BS4 certified variant is likely to go for 12-14 lakh rupees, depending on the amount of equipment Force Motors decides to add to the SUV.