CarToq Exclusive – Mercedes Benz to re-position several sedans

Mercedes Benz is on a car launch spree even as it seeks to take back the top spot in the luxury car market, in both India and the world. While the top spot may still be a couple of years away in India, and even farther when it comes to the world market, the German luxury car giant is working on a re-positioning drive for its cars sold in India. In terms of pricing, Mercedes Benz’s range of best selling sedans have taken the upward trajectory.

The 2015 W205 C-Class sedan, launched in India last week, starts at 40.90 lakh rupees, ex-showroom Delhi. While Mercedes Benz has loaded the car with features and has also increased the size of the car, the price tag does seem steep. This, considering the fact that the Audi A4 and the BMW 3-Series, traditional rivals of the C-Class, are priced many lakh rupees lower. The high price of the C-Class luxury sedan is in line with Mercedes Benz’s latest strategy.

CarToq Exclusive – Mercedes Benz to re-position several sedans
2015 Mercedes Benz CLA Sedan

Mercedes Benz India will launch the CLA sedan early next year

The German luxury car maker is making way for the CLA sedan, which will arrive into India early next year, and take the place of the previous generation C-Class variants. The advent of the CLA sedan will push the C-Class higher, and by 2017 – CarToq sources reveal – the C-Class will be nudging E-Class territory in terms of price and positioning. The next generation E-Class is due for a launch in 2017, and the luxury saloon will move upward, sitting in the same position as the previous generation S-Class.

CarToq Exclusive – Mercedes Benz to re-position several sedans
2014 Mercedes Benz E-Class Luxury Saloon used as an illustration


One giveaway of the 2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class moving upward and taking place of the previous generation S-Class luxury saloon comes in the form of the latest spyshots of the car’s interiors. The 2017 E-Class’ interiors closely resemble that of the W222 S-Class, strengthening the theory that the automaker is planning to push the next-generation E-Class up the value chain. All in all, every Mercedes Benz sedan above the CLA class will move upward, and the CLA will be the entry level model for the brand’s sedan segment.