CarToq Exclusive: Tata Falcon 5 compact sedan’s derriere rendered

CarToq Exclusive: Tata Falcon 5 compact sedan’s derriere rendered
CarToq's Exclusive Render of the Tata Falcon 5 Compact Sedan's Rear

Snapshot: Tata Motors is all set to unveil a new compact sedan, code-named the Falcon 5, in India. The compact sedan will be launched by the end of this year. The price and positioning of the new Tata compact sedan will be above the Indigo eCS, but below the full-size Manza sedan. CarToq shows you an exclusive render of the Tata Falcon 5 compact sedan’s rear. 

As a part of the Horizonext strategy that seeks to revamp Tata Motors’ range of cars and service practices, two new Tata cars will hit the Indian car market over the next one year. The first of these cars is the Falcon 4 hatchback, a car that is a revamped version of the Vista. The second car – the Falcon 5 compact sedan – will be Tata’s second stab at the compact sedan space, a segment it pioneered with the Indigo eCS.

The Falcon 5’s rear end will not be like a truncated sedan, but in fact will have a smoother design geometry, a-la-the Honda Amaze. With design as a key point in Tata Motors’ turn around plan, the Falcon 4 and Falcon 5 cars will reveal the new direction that the Indian automaker’s cars will take in terms of their appearances. CarToq’s speculative render of the Falcon 5’s derriere is a sign things to come.

The render has been recreated after taking a glimpse at a prototype of the Falcon 5. The Falcon 5’s front will derive inspiration from the sharp looking front end of Manza Hybrid that was showcased at last edition of the Indian Auto Expo. The Falcon 5 hatchback will use a new 1.2 liter turbo petrol engine based on the XETA motor. Click here to read more about Tata Motors’ new 1.2 liter turbo petrol engine.

The mainstay of the Falcon 5 compact sedan will be the 1.3 liter Fiat Multijet turbo diesel engine. The design of the Falcon 5’s interiors will take off from the driver centric design/Human Machine Interface that Tata Motors plans to kick start through the Falcon range. New materials and improved quality levels are two expected outcomes from the Falcon 5’s interiors. Click here to read about the Tata Falcon range’s focus on driving pleasure.

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