CarToq Exclusive - Tata Kite based compact sedan to be one of the hottest lookers in its segment

CarToq Exclusive – Tata Kite based compact sedan to be one of the hottest lookers in its segment

Tata Motors is putting together a compact sedan based on the Kite (XO) hatchback. While the Kite hatchback will replace the Indica and will be launched next year, the compact sedan will arrive a year later, in 2016 and will replace the Indigo eCS. Effectively, this means that the Kite compact sedan will be priced and positioned below the recently launched Zest, another sub-4 meter compact sedan from Tata Motors. A sub-4.5 lakh rupee price point is on the cards, which has the potential to raise the value quotient to a new orbit altogether.

Tata Kite Hatchback Render Image
CarToq's Speculative Render of the Tata Kite (XO) Hatchback used as an illustration

CarToq got a exclusive glimpse of the Kite compact sedan, from deep inside Tata Motors’ Engineering Research Center at Pimpri, off Pune. From what we’ve seen from the Kite compact sedan’s Body-In-White (BIW), the car promises to be one of best designed Tata sedans ever, and this is quite a statement to make. The Kite features a notchback design, with fantastic boot integration, which in our opinion will be the design benchmark as far as boot integration on compact sedans is concerned. Tata Motors’ design team, led by Pratap Bose, has also ventured into uncharted territory by going with a notchback body style on the Kite.

That makes us wonder why other car makers building compact sedans didn’t go the notchback way in the past, especially when this design element could have easily delivered a much more aesthetic boot integration compared to the abominations in the Indian car market such as the Hyundai Xcent and to a lesser extent, the Maruti Suzuki Dzire. Other elements on the Kite notchback dispense with Tata’s traditional, curve heavy design approach, with sharp lines and creases making for an aggressive profile that looks dynamic even while standing still.

We’ll release our render of the Tata Kite compact sedan in the coming months, highlighting the design elements on the car’s front, rear and flanks. Until then, this is pretty much what we can reveal about the Kite notchback that could very well be Tata Motors’ swansong in the sub-4 meter sedan space.