CarToq Fan modifies a Mahindra Armada into a stunner

CarToq Fan modifies a Mahindra Armada into a stunner

Punjabis have a way with Jeeps, Royal Enfield Bullets and pretty much everything that’s macho and that moves on wheels. Here’s a man who really likes his Jeeps, so much so that he’s resurrected an ageing Mahindra Armada into an everyday machine that can hold its own amid Jeep Wranglers and Mahindra Thars, in the looks department that is. Amarjit Bains of Phillaur – Punjab, is a CarToq fan who sent us pictures and details of his modified Mahindra Armada. The custom SUV is a classy job, much at odds with most modified Jeeps coming out of Punjab, most of which cross all limits of extravagance.

Mahindra Armada Modified 7

Mr. Bains has given the Armada a few simple yet pleasing modifications that goes on to show that even a daily beater at the end of its service life can be made to look like a million bucks. The modifications include meaty Godzilla mud terrain tyres from Maxx, alloy wheels, customized interiors with seats borrowed from the Hyundai Accent and a Dolphin Gray matte finish paint job to round off the effect.

Mahindra Armada Modified 8

Creature comforts such as central locking and power windows on all four windows do their bits to make this custom Armada a more comfortable vehicle for everyday use. The Armada’s stock 2.5 liter, Peugeot X3DP diesel engine is retained though.

Mahindra Armada Modified 4

It only helps that the Armada us based on the classic Civilian Jeep 7 (CJ7) design, which gives the jeep a stance that most modern day SUVs would find hard to match, leave alone surpass. The classic, butch looks of the Armada really come to the fore through the matte grey paint finish.

Mahindra Armada Modified 1

A strategically positioned bullbar and a LED light bar up front add to the visual effect. The Jeep world is usually big on lighting, and this custom Armada toes the trend by featuring two LED spotting lamps mounted at the top of the bonnet. The ride height of the custom Armada is 8 inches more than the stock version, and this helps in giving the Jeep a tall, imposing stance.

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Mahindra Armada Modified 5

The Armada has been one of the most important vehicles for Mahindra as a passenger vehicle brand. The Armada represented Mahindra’s attempt to move away from being a pure utitlity vehicle maker to a purveyor of passenger focused Jeeps that offered a mix of ruggedness and comfort. Introduced in the 1990s, the Armada was the first in the slew of passenger focused vehicles such as the Bolero and the Scorpio. The Armada featured the Peugeot X3DP naturally aspirated diesel engine that displaced 2.5 liters and that put out 62 Bhp and 139 Nm. The Armada had a longer wheelbase and five doors, a big leap from the Commanders and Marshals that Mahindra used to sell in the 1990s. The Armada Grande, a top end version of this Jeep, even featured air conditioning, power windows and a power steering.