CarToq Scoop: Exclusive new details about the Tata Vista Revamp (Falcon4 Project)

Tata Motors would like us to believe that the Falcon4 project is an a brand new car. Well, there are indications that the Falcon4 (code name for the Indica Vista Revamp) will be positioned above the current Vista in terms of pricing and features.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Falcon4 is an all new car. No sir! Rather, the Falcon4 is a substantially re-engineered Vista that will come with new features, possibly a new 1.2 liter turbo petrol engine and more importantly a new brand identity. 

CarToq Scoop: Exclusive new details about the Tata Vista Revamp (Falcon4 Project)

Tata Motors has realized that it has milked the Indica badge for too long, a badge that isn’t commanding the value Tata would have ideally liked it to. Therefore, a different brand is lined up for the Vista Revamp and that explains all the marketing talk surrounding the Falcon4 project. Also read: Falcon project will lead to revamped Manza, compact sedan

CarToq has managed to come up with new information regarding the revamped Vista hatchback. Tata Motors is aiming at positioning the car as a more premium product. An interesting addition on the top end variant will be projector headlamps.

The car will also get additional sound deadening material under the hood and on the doors. The idea is to muffle engine and road noise to the best possible extent, giving the car buyer a premium hatchback that drives and feels better than the competition. Also see: Tata XO hatchback and Kite compact sedan!

Apart from these two new aspects of the revamped Indica Vista/Falcon4, Tata Motors will also incorporate the following changes to the new car:

  • Revamped front end with new grille, bumper and projector headlamps with a higher amount of flaring
  • Turn indicators will be mounted on front wheel arches
  • Dashboard will be carried over from Vista D90, albeit with fit and finish improvements
  • The hatch lid is redesigned with the number plate on the dimple
  • New tail lamps replace the X’mas tree units
  • Rear bumpers get a redesign

Mechanically, the 1.3 liter Fiat Multijet turbo diesel engine and the 5 speed manual gearbox will be retained. A new 1.2 liter turbo petrol engine, derived from the 1.2 liter XETA motor could be a major addition. Tata Motors’ HORIZONEXT 2020 strategy has envisaged higher long term reliability and better service quality at Tata service centers. These changes are likely to be reflected in the customer experience of the Falcon4.