Tata Nano hatchback car with 935 cc petrol engine spotted in India

CarToq scoops the larger engined Tata Nano Petrol car & reveals engine details

Tata Nano with 935 cc - 3 cylinder petrol engine spyshot pic
Tata Nano with 935 cc - 3 cylinder petrol engine spyshot

Snapshot: No less than three variants of the Tata Nano are doing the testing rounds in and around Pune, India. Today, CarToq has conclusive evidence of the larger engined petrol powered Nano hatchback. A distinct feature on the larger engined Nano is the positioning of its exhaust. CarToq’s spyshots list out the two petrol variants of the Nano on test currently: the regular 623 cc Nano Petrol with a facelift and the new Nano with a triple cylinder motor. 

From the spyshots, the larger engined Nano indicates a revised exhaust pipe design that exits out from the right rear of the car. CarToq sources indicate that the larger engined petrol Nano will displace 935 cc. The triple cylinder engine will get larger section tyres to handle the higher power rating. Crucially, the triple cylinder Nano will sound like a conventional car rather than having the distinct thrum of current version.

The Nano’s price and positioning will continue its steady march upmarket and here’s how it will all pan out.

CarToq’s sources also reveal that the diesel powered Nano comes with an exhaust that exits from the left rear of the car. In a nutshell, the Nanos spied on test have three exhaust configurations: The regular 624 cc Nano features an exhaust that retains the conventional position at the center of the rear bumper while the larger engined Nano with a 935 cc gets an exhaust that exits from the left rear of the car. The diesel powered version gets an exhaust positioned at the right rear.

Tata Motors testing a larger petrol engined Nano is consistent with the Indian car and utility maker’s revised strategy for the Nano, one that will involve the hatchback’s re-positioning as a suave, urban roundabout that offers a plethora of features at a price unmatched by its direct competitors. Click here to read more about the slew of Nano variants that Tata Motors has in the pipeline.