CarToq Sources - Maruti Suzuki plots a big export push for the Ciaz sedan

CarToq Sources – Maruti Suzuki plots a big export push for the Ciaz sedan

Maruti Suzuki is planning a big export push for the Ciaz C-Segment sedan, CarToq sources reveal. The aim is to not just depend on the Indian car market for Ciaz but also focus on other emerging markets around the world. The Ciaz will however be limited to developing markets of the world and will not be sold in developed car markets, where the expectations from a C-Segment sedan are different, not to mention higher.

The Ciaz’s exports will be kickstarted this month with the first shipment heading to Algeria, a North African nation. Next more, more African nations will be in the cross hairs of the Ciaz’s export foray. Maruti Suzuki will also export the Ciaz to Indonesia and Nepal in 2015. The Ciaz exported to Indonesia, Nepal, and African countries will be in completely built unit form. A similar tactic is likely for Maruti Suzuki Ciaz sedans exported to the Middle East and South America.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Recalled in India

Both petrol and turbo diesel engined variants of the Ciaz will be exported. However, with most parts of the developing world, barring India, being inclined towards petrol engined cars, the Ciaz with the 1.4 liter K-Series petrol motor (90 Bhp-130 Nm) is expected to hog the lion’s share of exports. The petrol powered Ciaz that will be exported will feature both manual and automatic transmission options. The diesel powered Ciaz that uses the Fiat Multijet 1.3 liter motor (90 Bhp-200 Nm) will operate with a manual gearbox.

CarToq’s Driving Impressions of the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Sedan

The Ciaz has shown signs of being a success for Maruti Suzuki in India. The first month saw the sedan top the C-Segment space in India while the second saw it finishing behind the best selling Honda City. In the coming months, sales charts will reveal the true quantum of the Ciaz’s success in the country even as Maruti Suzuki is making a steady push upmarket. The Ciaz is however likely to more successful than the SX4 sedan it replaced given the big export push that Maruti Suzuki has planned for it.