Case filed against Govt. officials for banning 10-15 year old cars

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We all know that the lifespan of petrol and diesel cars has been limited to 15 and 10 years in the Delhi NCR region. However, a case has now been filed against government officials for banning cars that are 10-15 years old. Advocate Mukesh Kulthia in Gurgaon court has filed this case against Navdeep Singh Virk (IPS), the Transport Secretary of Haryana, and other IAS officers of the Union Transport Ministry. The case has been registered against the officers in the conspiracy related to the ‘car ban scam.’

Case filed against Govt. officials for banning 10-15 year old cars
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The complainant, Advocate Mukesh Kulthia of Gurgaon, clarified that this case is not on behalf of any of his clients. He has filed this case as an aggrieved citizen, raising his voice against the atrocities committed against him, the poor people of the country, and other lawyers who use their old vehicles in accordance with the CMV Act and rules.

Advocate Mukesh Kulthia informed that, as per the amended Motor Vehicles Act of 2019, 2021, and 2023, the lifespan of both diesel and petrol cars is 15 years. After this period, it can be renewed for an additional 5 years. Therefore, a diesel car cannot be seized, confiscated, or banned simply because it has completed its 10-year lifespan, and a petrol car cannot be confiscated or banned just because it is 15 years old. This ban grossly violates the amended Motor Vehicles Act, oppressing the general public and lawyers. He also pointed out that even today, Registration Certification is issued for diesel cars, petrol cars, and scooters for a 15-year period, and road tax is collected accordingly.

Case filed against Govt. officials for banning 10-15 year old cars

The vehicle scrappage policy was announced in the Lok Sabha in 2021 and will come into effect on June 1, 2024. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari announced the details of the voluntary scrappage scheme for vehicles older than 15 years in the country. The aim is to reduce pollution and boost the automobile market. The government is also planning to make the fitness test mandatory for most cars and SUVs, with all vehicles having to undergo the mandatory automated fitness test. Failing vehicles will be automatically deregistered.

Lately, there have been several incidents where authorities towed away old cars from private residences. Advocate Mukesh Kulthia has informed that there is no legal ban on diesel vehicles that are 10 years old and petrol vehicles that are 15 years old according to the law. These officials are imposing these illegal restrictions by falsely citing the orders of the NGT and the Honorable Supreme Court. He added that these restrictions are in violation of the amended laws of the country and are being implemented through various illegal tactics as part of a conspiracy to increase the sales of electric vehicles.

A few months ago, the Delhi High Court ruled in favor of old car owners. The court ordered that seized “end of life” cars can be released if the owner of the vehicle agrees not to use it on the road. Additionally, the owners of these vehicles need to ensure that the vehicle is permanently parked inside a private space or completely removed from the city limits.

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