Caught on Dashcam: Close shave as Hero Splendor on wrong side nearly hits a Honda Jazz

Indian highways are one of the unsafest highways in the world. There are thousands of accidents that happen on the Indian roads, which cause numerous deaths. While the government is making new highways and expressways to ensure better connectivity in the country, dangerous driving on the highways is still rampant.

This video is from the National Highway 3. The dashboard camera of the car recorded the video and it shows how close to escape it was. The video was recorded between Indore and Khargone during the day. In the video, we can see a few cars on the four-lane highway trying to overtake a truck.

As the road curves to its right, it becomes a blind turn. However, since it is a road with a divider, there should be no problem with oncoming traffic. However, in the video, we can see the vehicle moving slightly to its left and suddenly a motorcycle rider passes through in the wrong direction at a very high speed.

Caught on Dashcam: Close shave as Hero Splendor on wrong side nearly hits a Honda Jazz

The motorcycle rider barely misses hitting the vehicle. It could have been a fatal accident for the motorcycle rider. Even the Tata Sumo spotted the motorcycle very late due to the curve and we can see in the video that caused the truck driver to get down from the tarmac to give space.

Common in India

We commonly see stray animals, cattle and pedestrians crossing the road. There are even vehicles that come on the wrong side or take turns without using the indicators. It is very important to ride within the safe speed limit on Indian roads so that the speed can be controlled during emergency situations.

As there is no concept of the right-of-way in India, it is always a good idea to slow down to safer speeds on the roads when approaching a crossing. Also, when on the highways, it is always a good idea to slow down while crossing populated areas like cities and villages. Even though there are proper crossings made for pedestrians, most people do not use these crossings and try to save time by loitering on the highways. Also, such areas have a high chance of stray animals and cattle.

It is always a good idea to maintain a safe speed on the highways. Such incidents where the locals ride on the opposite lane are also very common. It mostly happens near the settlements or near cities and villages along the highways.

Indian highways to become better than USA: Nitin Gadkari

Last year, the Minister of Roads, Transport and Highway – Nitin Gadkari said that Indian roads will become better than the roads in the USA. Gadkari said this while laying the foundation stone of 25 national highway projects planned for Jammu and Kashmir.

According to Gadkari, highways and tunnels will match the roads of American standards and will accelerate the pace of tourism and development in Jammu and Kashmir. With the help of these new roads and highways, one can reach Jammu from Srinagar in four hours and Delhi to Srinagar in eight hours. In addition to this, he also claimed that the highways of other states will get refurbished as well, which will reduce travelling times between major cities. As a part of this plan, the Government of India is aiming to reduce the time taken to travel from Delhi to Mumbai to just 12 hours.