[CCTV] 50 year-old flung in air in BMW hit & run accident by student

A student from the Delhi university – Abhinav Sahni – allegedly crashed into a 50 year-old man – Shiv Nath – who was crossing the street. The impact of the crash flung the victim into the air, and the entire incident was caught on a CCTV.

As the CCTV footage indicates, the victim is seen trying to run away from the approaching BMW X1, but isn’t able to make it to the road divider in time. The BMW X1 crashes into the victim, stops for a moment, and then drives away.  Delhi police have arrested the accused, and have let him off on bail.

21 year-old Mr. Sahni is said to be a first-year B.A. student studying at the Khalsa College, New Delhi. The accident happened inside the Delhi University, when he was driving his BMW X1, from Khalsa College to Kirori Mal College. Both colleges are located in the Delhi University campus. Victim Shiv Nath is said to have died on the spot.

This isn’t the first such hit-and-run car involving a luxury car in Delhi, which has the nation’s highest car population. A couple of years ago, a Mercedes Benz being driven at high speed by a minor hit and killed a young IT professional crossing the road. However, it’s not clear if the BMW X1 involved in the latest hit-and-run case was speeding.

Abhinav Sahni is said to have told police officials that he could not brake on time as the victim allegedly appeared in front of his car out of nowhere. After the accident, Mr. Sahni’s said to have fled from the spot due to fear. From the blurry CCTV footage, it appears that the victim was not crossing the road at a pedestrian/zebra crossing. While speeding causes crashes and must be avoided by drivers and riders. Pedestrians also need to remember that there’s nothing much a car driver or motorcycle rider can do if they (pedestrians) suddenly decide to cross the road.