[CCTV] Cop hits Indian biker's head with a lathi for not wearing helmet

[CCTV] Cop hits Indian biker’s head with a lathi for not wearing helmet

Not wearing a helmet while riding a two wheeler is a traffic offense in India. However, the maximum punishment for this offense, according to the Motor Vehicles Act, is a monetary fine. Yesterday, an overzealous cop in Kanyakumari almost beheaded a rider for not wearing a helmet. Here’s how this shocking incident played out.

As the video indicates, the rider apparently didn’t stop for the police check point, and tried to simply bypass the checkpoint. A traffic cop, noticing the rider approaching without slowing down, swung his baton (lathi) at the rider’s head. The action was pre-meditated, as the video shows the cop clearly ready for the biker.

The lathi hit the rider, causing a grievous laceration injury. A lot of bleeding ensued. Angry bystanders, shocked at the police brutality, surrounded the cops and nearly assaulted him. The reaction of the bystanders was also caught on camera.

Riding a motorcycle or a two wheeler without a helmet is very dangerous. Two wheeler riders often die due to head injuries, after losing balance and hitting their heads on the ground. The helmet prevents head injury and is the first layer of defense for both the rider and pillion of a two wheeler. Wear a helmet, for your own safety!

Now coming to the police action, it’s clearly indefensible and the the accused cop needs to be investigated, and punished if found to be guilty. The law does not permit a cop to assault a traffic offender, or any offender for that matter.

The cop’s brutal action could have easily killed the biker as it’s very easy to lose balance on a two wheeler, and crash. There were many other ways this incident could have been handled, which includes noting down the registration number of the biker, and having a challan sent to him.