CCTV: Hyundai i20 flips 3 times; 20 year old B.TECH student dead

A young engineering student was killed in a ‘rash-driving’ accident in Hyderabad. The car flipped three times and then landed on its roof. Here’s what happened.

How did it happen?

The accident took place in the busy Banjara Hills stretch on Tuesday afternoon. A Hyundai i20 (previous generation model) was being driven by 19-years old Fasahat Ali, who was an engineering student along with two of his friends. The whole incident was caught on two nearby CCTV cameras.

The Hyundai i20 was overtaking other vehicles at a very high speed. The car lost control at a sharp corner and hit the median. The vehicle then flipped as many as three times. The i20 then crossed the small median to land on its roof on the opposite side of the road.

The car was mangled in such a manner that cops had to call for a crane to break open the door.The driver Fasahat hit his head multiple times on the roof and the door and passed away on the spot. His friend sitting on the passenger seat suffered fractured his skull. Police say that he could have been wearing the seatbelt. The person sitting on the rear seat received only minor injuries as he was wearing the seat belt. Police are also investigating if the driver was drunk.

CCTV: Hyundai i20 flips 3 times; 20 year old B.TECH student dead

The deadly corner?

CCTV: Hyundai i20 flips 3 times; 20 year old B.TECH student dead

The particular curve on the road has a slope and the curve itself is very sharp that has caused accidents in the past. In a similar accident, a 10-year old girl was killed last year. According to the cops, they have submitted a proposal to straighten the gradient of the slope and straighten the curve. The cops are waiting to acquire a property on the spot that will allow the curve to be smoother.

Accidents in India

Numerous accidents on the Indian road cause due to overspeeding. The Indian roads and the infrastructure are not safe enough to handle high-speeds. Here are a few tips that can keep you safe on the road.

  • Overspeeding is a strict no. Always follow the speed limit. Overspeeding gives you less time to react.
  • In city roads, be extremely cautious about pedestrians crossing the road, or stray cattle.
  • Always check the road for oncoming cars even during the green light. Other vehicles may break the signal and hit you.

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