(CCTV) Speeding Mahindra Scorpio crashes into bikers in SCARY hit & run accident

A speeding Mahindra Scorpio SUV crashed into bikers at Jaipur, killing one biker and injuring another. The SUV also hit a food cart parked at the side of the road, injuring the vendor. After hitting the bikers and the food cart, the SUV sped off, and was later found abandoned at a nearby house. The chilling accident was caught on CCTV.

As the CCTV footage shows, the Scorpio in question was doing high speeds and got into a sideways skid, caused probably due to emergency braking. It’s unclear as to what prompted the Scorpio driver to brake so hard. The uncontrolled skid led to the SUV, traveling sideways, to hit an oncoming commuter motorcycle with two people on it. One of the two people on the motorcycle, 36 year-old Surendra Vaishnav, died in the crash.

The other rider – Laxman Chaudhury – is said to be critically injured. After crashing into the bikers, the Scorpio went on to hit another person – the food cart owner – injuring him as well. The CCTV footage indicates that the rider of the motorcycle was wearing a helmet at the time of crash, and that the helmet was flung off during the impact. It can be seen rolling away after the crash.

Police officials in Jaipur found the SUV abandoned outside an elderly woman’s house at Muhana. Efforts are on to trace the owner and driver of the Scorpio involved in the crash. An FIR has been registered and investigation is on. Here’s what Deshraj Singh Yadav, assistant commissioner of police (Mansarovar), had to say about the accident,

We received information from a resident of Muhana area in the morning that a damaged SUV is parked in Muhana. We immediately went there. They parked the SUV at a house in Muhana. An elderly woman told us that a person parked the car outside her home but she does not know the person.