[CCTV Video] How, and why underage driving is so dangerous

Underage driving is a serious crime. Even though the government has taken strict steps to crack down on underage driving – especially in the Delhi-NCR area – there are still serious accidents caused by the teens who are yet to get their driver’s license. Here is the latest episode concreting the fact that underage driving is dangerous.

What exactly happened?

The accident took place on 1st January, in broad daylight. A 40-year old woman came out her apartment building and was waiting on the shoulder of the road. As seen on the CCTV footage, a Maruti Ertiga is seen speeding out of control. The 17-year old boy, in charge of the Ertiga, tried to save the vehicle by pulling the handbrake at a very speed, which further made the car go out of control.

The MPV hit the clueless woman and then hit a WagonR coming out of the apartment gate. The WagonR turned on its side and trapped the woman. The locals come rushing in to release the woman from under the car while the Ertiga tried to escape the scene. Noticing the escape attempt made by the 17-year old, locals caught him immediately.

The charges

According to the locals, the Ertiga driver was smelling of alcohol, but it is not confirmed yet. The underage boy will be presented before the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), where a decision will be taken. The law is as not strict for the minors as it is for the adults but the recent mishaps which caused fatal accidents by the minor drivers have now changed the situation.

In a recent ruling, the court asked the cops to book the parents equally if their children are driving without a driver’s license. The DCP of south-west Delhi said that the harshest punishment would be ensured to the juvenile and his parents for the act.

Other such incidents

Mercedes-Benz hit and run, Delhi: The infamous accident where a Delhi teenager driving a white Mercedes-Benz C-Class had hit a pedestrian at night. The under-age driver did not stop but the whole incident was captured on CCTV. The CCTV recordings showed that the car was speeding through the lanes before the driver could not control it and hit the pedestrian. The case is being heard in the court and as of now, the juvenile has come out on bail as the case proceeds further.

Toyota Corolla, Mumbai: In 2006, Alistair Pereira, son of a well-established businessman lost control of his Toyota Corolla on Carter Road in Mumbai. The minor driver then drove over the sleeping construction workers on the pavement killing seven people and injuring another six. The juvenile driver received three years in prison.