Decorated police convoy sent to celebrate birthday of a child amid COVID-19 lockdown [Video]

2020 as an year is not going the way we all thought it would normally go. Due to the outbreak of Corona virus in the country,many plans and programme got affected. Many had plans to celebrate birthdays but could not because of the current pandemic situation. Here we have a video that shows Bihar Police giving a young 5 year old girl a surprise on her birthday. The child was not celebrating the birthday due to the ongoing lockdown.

The video has been uploaded by News Times 24 on their youtube channel. The incident happened in Bihar’s Chapra city. The video shows police officers coming in convoy with decorated Jeeps and motorcycles to celebrate the birthday of this child. According to the video, the grandfather of the child had messaged the Director General of Police in Bihar telling that it his grand child’s 5th birthday and they won’t be celebrating it due to the ongoing issues.

As soon as Gupteshwar Pandey, who is the DGP received the message, he got in touch with the police officers in the area and asked them to go to the child’s house with gifts and birthday cake to celebrate birthday. The officers followed the instructions and decorated their patrol vehicles both motorcycle and Gypsy’s with balloons and went to child’s home.

The parents of the child were very surprised when they found out the police had come to celebrate their child’s birthday during this lockdown. The officers had come with cake and various birthday gifts to the child. DGP even called one of the officer so that he can personally wish the child on her birthday.

Decorated police convoy sent to celebrate birthday of a child amid COVID-19 lockdown [Video]

It can be seen in the video that the child is so confused with the things going on that she could not speak to the DGP. All the officers who had come to celebrate the birthday were wearing masks and gloves and were maintaining distance from the child. The officer had put the phone on speaker so that the child could speak to DGP without touching the phone. Similar incidents have been reported from several parts of the country during this time.

The number of cases being reported on a daily basis has not yet started coming down and the government has extended the lockdown till 17th of May 2020. It is recommended to stay at home and not to get out until and unless it is unavoidable. Moreover anything people getting out must maintain social distancing to stop the spread of this virus.

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