Celebrated journalist Ravish Kumar takes a spin in a Tesla: Amazed by tech offered [Video]

Famous journalist Ravish Kumar is currently in New York. From the country, he has put up a video that shows a short trip of himself in a Tesla. The car belongs to an unknown Indian who was driving with Ravish in Manhattan, New York. Amazed by the technology, Ravish has uploaded a video that shows his excitement.

The video starts with Ravish Kumar entering the Tesla Model Y electric car. He shows the car around and was fascinated by the central infotainment and instrument cluster on the dashboard. He got particularly fascinated about the Tesla’s radar system and self driving feature. Kumar was talking about the graphics on the screen. As Tesla self-driving system identifies other vehicles, it puts a graphic on the screen showing which vehicles the car can see and detect through the radar and camera systems.

The vehicle even showed a pedestrian graphic while the car was waiting at a traffic signal. Ravish Kumar was amazed by the technology and even wanted the owner to show how the Self Drive feature works. However, the owner did not activate the feature by paying extra. Tesla charges an extra amount for FSD or Full Self Drive capabilities. It is a subscription-based payment where the owner has to pay to use the feature.

Celebrated journalist Ravish Kumar takes a spin in a Tesla: Amazed by tech offered [Video]

They also spot another Tesla on the road that was another Tesla, which was wrapped in the logo of app-based ride sharing company Revel.

Tesla Model Y

While we are not sure about the exact variant of this Model Y, it is available in two variants internationally. There is a Performance and a Long Range variant of the Model Y. The Long range variant offers a driving range of 524 kms and has a top speed of 217 km/h. It can do a 0-100 km/h sprint in just 4.8 seconds. The Performance variant can hot 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and has a driving range of 487 kms. The top speed of this variant is 250 km/h. The one seen here is the Long Range variant.

We think it was the Performance variant as the owner said that the car can do a range of 300 miles, which can be the range of the Performance variant in real-world conditions.

Tesla in India

After trying for several months, the American electric vehicle giant has directed its employees hired for the Indian market to start working in the Asia-Pacific region. The team will reportedly work from Dubai, UAE and will focus on the Middle-Eastern markets first.

Nishant Prasad, who was in charge of setting up Tesla’s Supercharger network in India has updated his profile with Charging Operations Lead – APAC. Other Tesla management including Manoj Khurana, who was Tesla India’s first employee moved to California in April 2022 to take up a role in the product.

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