Chennai CEO gifts BMW 5-Series luxury sedans to employees as a reward for loyalty [Video]

Rewarding old and trustworthy employees for their devotion and hard work for the companies they work for is a trend that has seen much popularity in recent times. After employees of Hari Krishna Exports, owned by renowned businessman Sawji Dholakia, and BharatPe rewarded their employees with luxury cars and sports bikes, there is a new inclusion in the list – Kissflow. A workflow software firm company based in Chennai, Kissflow recently gifted BMW cars to five of its employees, as a reward for their long association with the company.

The ceremony of handing over BMW cars to five employees of Kissflow took place during the celebrations of the company’s tenth anniversary of the flagship ‘no-code’ work management product. All the five employees were gifted BMW 530d sedans, which are priced at nearly Rs 80 lakh.

CEO handed over the cars

Chennai CEO gifts BMW 5-Series luxury sedans to employees as a reward for loyalty [Video]

The blue and black coloured units of the luxury sedan were handed over to the employees by Suresh Sambandam, the Founder of the company. The five senior executives who received the BMW 5-Series as a reward are Prasanna Rajendran (Vice President), Dinesh Varadharajan (Chief Product Officer), Kausikram Krishnasayee (Director of Product Management), Vivek Madurai (Director of Engineering) and Adhi Ramanathan (Director of Engineering).

The reward ceremony was held on the lawns of the World Trade Centre in Chennai, where the cars were delivered to five senior officers of the company by the founder of the company. The announcement of rewarding the senior executives with the cars was made out of surprise, during a lunch of the employees with the founder.

Chennai CEO gifts BMW 5-Series luxury sedans to employees as a reward for loyalty [Video]

Commenting on the occasion, Sambandam said that he could not have thought of a better gift than a luxury car, so he decided to gift the senior executives brand new units of BMW 5-Series. He said that these five senior executives stayed with him in all the ups and downs the company has seen in all its years of existence. These cars are small tokens of appreciation for those employees.

Overwhelmed after receiving the BMW 5-Series as a reward, one of the five senior executives, Adhi Ramanathan said that this moment is just unbelievable, and it was a dream come true moment for him. While gifting all of his employees with BMW 5-Series sedans, Suresh Sambandam himself drives a three-year-old BMW 6-Series.

Gujarat Businessman used to gift 1000s of cars

Before the pandemic, a Gujarati diamond merchant – Savji Dholakia used to gift thousands of cars to his employees. In the past, he has gifted around 500 Fiat Puntos, 1,260 cars from Maruti and Datsun and 1,200 units of Datsun redi-GO to his employees. For the senior employees, he chose the Mercedes-Benz GLS as a gift.

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