CES 2022: Sony Confirms Plans For Electric Cars, Unveils New Vision-S Electric SUV

Sony vision S and S02

It seems like the mobility industry is the next step forward for all the major technology giants, as with every passing day we see more and more of them launching new vehicles and concepts in the market. Recently during Sony’s keynote presentation at CES 2022, the major Japanese conglomerate corporation showcased its newest concept car the all-electric Vision-S 02 SUV. In addition to the launch of the SUV, the company also revealed its plans of opening up a new dedicated mobility unit by spring this year, and this new company will be named as “Sony Mobility Inc.”

CES 2022: Sony Confirms Plans For Electric Cars, Unveils New Vision-S Electric SUV

The Vision-S 02 is the second concept car in recent history to come out of the Sony Corporation with the first one being Vision-S 01 that was launched two years ago at CES 2020. The Vision-S 02 will be able to accommodate 7 passengers onboard and will come accoutred with the same EV/Cloud platform and entertainment hardware as the original Vision-S 01 sedan.

The SUV will be integrated with a full 360-degree suite of sensors, including LiDAR and high-sensitivity, high-resolution CMOS image sensors. In total the SUV will use 40 sensors fitted throughout the vehicle’s interior and exterior to ensure the maximum amount of safety. Currently, Sony is in the midst of verification testing of their hardware in Europe toward the release of Level 2+ advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) on public roads.

In terms of the exterior design, Sony’s newest all-electric SUV seems to be inspired by Tesla’s mid-size SUV the Model Y. The Vision-S-02 is a little more angular and aggressive at the front, but from the sides looks pretty similar to the Model Y.

Sony has mentioned that the SUV aims to lure in more youthful, energetic drivers that want to live the “active lifestyle” with this new concept SUV. The company also stated that the SUV can be ordered in a four-seat configuration instead of a seven-seat if the customers prefer rear legroom over the room for extra passengers.

CES 2022: Sony Confirms Plans For Electric Cars, Unveils New Vision-S Electric SUV

Apart from the great exterior, what is really impressive about the SUV is its interior. Sony has gone above and beyond to focus on the entertainment technology aspect of the vehicle as it is more proficient in that department. The centre of attention in the interior of the Vision-S 02 will be its full-width digital dashboard that will enable the driver and front passenger to host a ton of functions. In addition, the SUV will come furnished with 5G connectivity, Sony’s 3D spatial audio technology, and also PlayStation and Bravia IPs integrated via a digital service that will work on top of 5G leveraging.

In addition to the launch of this SUV concept, Sony Corporation has also confirmed that they will be setting up a dedicated EV firm as Sony Mobility Inc later this year. And the company has also stated that this new firm will “further accelerate and make new proposals for the evolution of the mobility experience.” However, despite these comments, it seems like Sony won’t be starting the production of its models right away, instead, it will initially work on mobility solutions for other car makers through its new brand.