Chandigarh man spends Rs. 15.44 lakh to buy fancy number for his 70,000 rupee Honda Activa

Apart from the craze of buying the latest cars and two-wheelers in India, the car buyers of the country are also smitten by another craze – buying fancy numbers for their vehicles. In the past, we have seen several examples of how crazily Indians have spent their hard-earned money on fetching fancy numbers for their new cars or two-wheelers. In most cases, such numbers are bought for a luxury car or a superbike. However, a person from Chandigarh created a moment of surprise by buying a fancy number for his simple-looking ride, a Honda Activa.

Chandigarh man spends Rs. 15.44 lakh to buy fancy number for his 70,000 rupee Honda Activa
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The auctioneers of Chandigarh RTO faced a rare moment when a Chandigarh-based businessman named Brij Mohan placed a bid of Rs 15.44 lakh for a registration number CH-01-CJ-0001. He bought this fancy number for his newly-purchased Honda Activa, which has a modest ex-showroom price of Rs 71,000.

While Brij Mohan said that he will use this number for his newly purchased Activa, he also clarified that he will be using this fancy number eventually for a car, which he will purchase later on. In that case, he will transfer the number for that car, after paying a nominal fee.

Big price for special numbers

Chandigarh man spends Rs. 15.44 lakh to buy fancy number for his 70,000 rupee Honda Activa

This bid placed by Brij Mohan for his Honda Activa is rather shocking, as people usually don’t spend much on buying a fancy number for a commuter motorcycle or mass-market scooter. However, it is not the first time that the number ‘0001’ got purchased for such a huge amount in Chandigarh. Back in 2012, this number was bought for Rs 26.05 lakh for a Mercedes Benz S-Class, which is one of the most expensive cars in the world costing over a crore.

This fancy number bought by Brij Mohan was a part of an auction for fancy numbers conducted by Chandigarh Registration and Licensing Authority from 14th-16th April 2022. In this auction, around 378 fancy numbers went under the hammer for bids, all of which fetched much more premium amounts when compared to the standard fee for taking a registration number. A total of Rs 1.5 crore was spent buying these 378 fancy numbers by the participants of the auction. The second most expensive number in this auction, after the one purchased by number, was CH-01-CJ-0002, which he purchased for Rs 5.4 lakh.

Buyers usually purchase such fancy numbers for their vehicles to project their status quo or make themselves noticeable wherever they go. Some even buy such fancy numbers and emboss them on the number plates in intuitive fonts that are usually recognizable from a distance.

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