Cheaper Ola scooter coming before Diwali: Rs 80,000 only

Fresh off the success of last month, after dethroning Hero electric from the top spot for the most-selling electric scooter brand, the Bengaluru-based electric scooter automaker Ola Electric is gearing up to surprise the nation once again. According to reports, the electric mobility brand of the ride-hailing firm Ola Cabs will be launching a more affordable variant of its S1 electric scooter. Reports indicate that this new scooter will be priced at a competitive bracket of under Rs 80,000 but will offer a little less range than the standard S1 model.

Cheaper Ola scooter coming before Diwali: Rs 80,000 only

The new scooter is anticipated to maintain the majority of the characteristics of the current S1 models when it is introduced around Diwali, according to sources within the company. However, in order to keep costs down, it is expected to acquire a smaller battery pack than the 3kWh unit shown on the S1. It is believed that the claimed range of this new scooter will be around the 100 km mark. Also, the new Ola S1 variant is expected to come with three riding modes – Eco, Normal and Ride.

Hinting at the launch of this new electric scooter, CEO of Ola Electric Bhavish Aggarwal recently shared a tweet where he said, “Planning something BIG for our launch event this month! Will accelerate the #EndICEAge revolution by at least 2 years.”

Recent promotions from Ola Electric included a Rs 10,000 cash discount on its S1 Pro electric scooter which was supposed to end on October 5. However, due to rising sales and to hype up more new customers, the Bengaluru-based EV maker has now chosen to prolong the validity of these incentives. Recently Bhavish Aggarwal also tweeted that the deals will last “through Diwali,” but no exact time was given. In addition to the Rs 10,000 cash discount, Ola is also providing a Rs 1,500 discount on its 5-year extended warranty, a cheaper interest rate beginning at 8.99 percent (down by 2.2 percent), and no processing fees for loans for the S1 Pro.

In other Ola Electric news, recently the CEO of Ola Electric Bhavish Aggarwal was trolled on the internet. Aggarwal polled his Twitter followers on what accessories they would want to see on Ola’s S1 and S1 pro electric scooters. But, possibly to his surprise, he received responses from his followers that he did not anticipate! In response to his tweet, several of Aggarwal’s followers expressed their desire for a fire extinguisher to be included as an accessory. Although it wasn’t the only amusing response the CEO of the firm got. Additionally, Bhavish was given advice like “100% free coupon,” “An additional battery as a present will be nice,” and “An engine or battery that doesn’t catch fire.”

Apart from electric scooters, Ola Electric is also aiming to launch an electric car in the country. On World EV day, Bhavish Aggarwal shared a teaser video that shows a glimpse of their upcoming electric car. The video was shared by Bhavish on Twitter. The video shows a glimpse of behind the scene work on the Ola electric car which is all set to launch in 2024.